Saturday, November 26, 2011

Handbag of wool and leather 羊毛與皮革的匹配

Last Sat I passed by a shop in Shamshuipo where wholesale of fashion accessories is renowned. I found some scraps of leather. Thought it's a nice idea to match wool felt with leather. Immediately I've a go.

以羊毛氈技巧+皮革不失為另類的匹配, 曰前逛深水埗見到有皮革碎料, 立即買了幾片做我的羊毛手袋.
The scraps are very cheap. This turquoise (or blue) is so soft. I made it as a flap. Here it is.....

After fully felted and dried. I sewed the leather on the flap and a strap attached.

The flap is of Wensleydale fleece and a ceramic button I made. I love the white curly wool.

Lining with enclosed oval shape felted button.

A clutch look. Find wool and leather is a good go.

Have just ordered from Kim some raw fleece which is fantastic for coats or bags exploration.


  1. Terrie---What a wonderful bag!! I love how you have 'married' the leather with the wool felt and raw locks. What a terrific combination!

  2. nice bag!1 and your parcel is on its way :)

  3. Gorgeous Bag Terri, arent you so clever to use leather as well :)

  4. this is beautiful what a wonderful color, beautiful.I hope all is well with you,

  5. Beautiful colors and texture. Your button is beautiful too!

  6. That is so charming. Y are so talented Terrie!!

  7. Fantastic job! Your bag is amazing! How talented you are! I love the colors and the button as well, it's cute!!
    Great week ahead! xo


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