Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fluffy ball meets "Woolly Woolly" 毛毛球遇著毛茸茸

A nunu felt vest just made for this winter.

" What makes you so greedy, Mogi? " My fluffy ball is crazy about wool. He wants to swallow my fleece. Naughty guy!

Mogi 見到羊毛就發狂, 好似小朋友吃朱古力一樣滋味!

喂喂喂 ! 件衫係我架 ! 服左佢 ! Really hooked on wool felt, almost every weekend I’d make a piece. I made this Nuno felt vest. But looks a bit smaller and short. Hubby said it’s no good for myself, better give it away to a little girl.

Well, I made one fits for myself in no time. I love Wensleydale fleece, the long and curly look is so warm and the texture is so lovely. Also this year woolly fashion is a trend. Making costume with wool is far less cruelty to animals than with furs.
Here it is. Am I good looking with it ? ~.~
Wool is such a versatile medium. I love wool felt but honestly I’ve little knowledge about sorts. I don’t know what’s tops fleece, batt, blend …… Many bloggers are experts I can seek advice via this platform.
I used these Wensleydale fleece, merino wool and chiffon as usual a base to make this vest.

I laid some curly fleece, some brownish and dark wool over the template.

Second layer of merino wool over the fleece then covered with chiffon.

Turned it over and put some white and black merino wool as well a little mohair on this side in order to make a reversible look. Enclosed the template with wool, except the bottom as I intended to have the woolly look.

After "rock n roll", I removed the template out and rubbed it lightly then some more pressure to make it fully felted. Finally cut the cuffs and shape it to well fit.

When I was making this vest, I imagine myself amid the pleasant smell in the field of Frisland. Yes, pleasant, REALLY love the smell. Indeed the brown curly fleece was given by Kim from Holland. Were they come from these sheep !!?? THANKS again, Kim.

Final look of side one "front & back" with more brownish fleece.

Reversed side with black merino wool and mohair.

This is a casual wear I like, can go with a belt, a pin or anyway.

A pin of a sheep - a ceramic pin made by myself. Is it cute?

I like to make things with my hands. I love sheep more after I encountered with wool felt.

This vest will be a warmer in the coming winter.

This fluffy ball makes me warm enough !

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  1. Wow! I love blogs that are a bit special and yours certainly is! So I am off for a wander through your lovely pages.
    Thank you so much for popping in and leaving a lovely comment about "Chalky's World!"
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. Love everything about it..esp the sheep button...sooo cute!

  3. WOW!!! You make things that are so unique, Terrie. The vest with the belt looks fabulous!!! Love the little sheep pin.

  4. I see you have been so busy my friend. Your creations always look stunning on you. I saw the purse you posted about the other day and I just love, love, love it!

  5. looks super Terriea!! I think the brown wool was the one coming from my friend in Sweden I think it was called: "Finn wool"

  6. I adore your vest, love the natural locks! Thank you for commenting on my blog, I am really looking forward to exploring yours further! Is nice to know I have a new friend in Hong Kong!

  7. Мне очень понравился жилет и особенно кудри. Он очень теплый. Удачи

  8. Wow Terrie!! Fabulous as always!! I loved the belted look and was surprised to see the 'open' look was just as wonderful. Both looks are fantastic and YOU look wonderful girl! :) Beautiful, beautiful! :)))

  9. Thank you all ladies. Sheep are such lovely little things. Wool is warm and lovely to do such so many things.

  10. Wow, beatuful waistcoat. I like connection of natural colour of wool with flock.

  11. Hi Terrie,

    WOW! Your vest is amazing!
    You model it so well. I love the added belt.


  12. Your vests are amazing Terrie! And you look lovely in it! I love wensleydale locks too :)

  13. i ordered some wensleydale flocks and i am going to make a vest!!!i love this nomad feeling, nomad cloths, its so ancient.

  14. lovely! I really like it! but in the last photo of your kitten's fluffy tail beautifully finished jacket :) :) :)


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