Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ladder of success 煥然一新的梯子

My apartment has just done a big renovation and I've also finished the home interior re-painting. The contractor left us a wooden ladder which they usually dispose it after work. I thought it's worth to redo it and save the earth by upcycling everything to last longer. 家居剛完成大廈工程, 工人留下給我們一張木梯, 通常這類梯子用完便當費料處理, 我覺得可惜及浪費. 於是做一些加工保留再用.

On a cool Sunday, hubby asked "what's up?". He was afraid I may have done some graffiti on the building external wall. I said no panic I just used the leftover paints to paint the ladder. 星期天我在平台開始我的"工程" , 老公生怕我又在外牆上塗鴉, 我說別慌我祗是做自己的事為梯子美化. It's very easy to do it as no need to sand it. I painted twice coating.After blue paint I drew some leaves then decoupaged with birds and betttles. 塗上油漆後, 晝上葉子, 加上雀鳥及甲蟲拚貼, 很簡單完成了.
Mogi is always a Qualiy Controller. He inspected it with thumbs up.
Mogi 驗貨, 我可收工了.

It's a stand to show my eco-print scarf. 就此完成一件可作陳列的架子.

Can't believe I've done some scarves with eco-print & dyeing.

A stand also good for plant hanging. It's my bit to save the earth by remaking whatever I can. 作為花架也不錯吧. 總算為環保出一點力.

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  1. Beautiful job, Teriea. Love what you did with the ladder also. (Love your cat, he looks great!)

  2. Wonderful job with the ladder. Am glad Moji approves!! I love that felted scarf displayed on the "repurposed" ladder. Your work is inspiring me to try some eco dyeing with felting one of these days!Beautiful!

  3. this look great and how handy for displaying your beautiful work! I'm glad quality control officer approves!

  4. Terriea, you're a real talent! keep up! say hi to Mogi! ;)

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  6. Just fabulous Terrie. You are so creative and I love this little ladder. Great paint job and mod podge too.

  7. What a great use for an item that otherwise would have ended up in the trash. I love the mod podged bugs!

  8. Looks great..I would love for you to share at my "Anything Goes Link Party"

  9. Good idea Terri on keeping the ladder and doing something useful with it. I have seen them used for hanging herbs to dry, or to display doilies or embroidery. The possibilities are endless and I'm sure you have all kinds of ideas.

  10. The anonymous post was from me Terri, some how I clicked before I got my identity in the spaces...

  11. What a beautiful ladder.Glad Mogi is giving his thumbs,I mean paws up! New follower.

  12. Wow Terrie, what a great idea and your painting is awesome!!


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