Friday, October 28, 2011

Balance of quality time with loved ones.

Since years ago I indulged with fabric art/crafts. Crazy about wool felt, eco-print then cross over. The more I interact with bloggers the more fun I find to share. Almost every weekend I bury deep myself in exploration (pretty word is "creation" , haha....~.~). I ask myself if I’ve spent quality time with my mother? I'm a full time working mum. No matter how I’m engaged I will see her in weekend morning either have breakfast or lunch then sometimes followed by a walk along the river bank in her place. She’s very considerate and knows well I’m “busy” with my hobbies and said “Oh, it's not necessary to see me so often, I'm fine and a chat on phone is alright. ”
This day mother and I passed by the Central Park we saw these eucalyptus trees. I told her I use the leaves and barks to make eco prints on fabrics. One day after strong wind we know there may have some branches fallen down. We went together to the park again and found these fresh branches. She helped me picked some from gound. Just like harvest we got a bundle. Then we had a light lunch in a Vietnam restaurant. We find this is a quality time. Another chance to do experiment again.

I laid the leaves on a silk fabric, wrapped it and tied it then steamed for 30-min and left it for some time.

Unwrapped it.

Mogi, my helper also spares his quality time with me, said " Hummmm, very pleasant fragrance, let me check how it looks. Ummmm, not quite good. Not bright or bold. Should try again"

Yes, this is not quite up to my expection, though I intended to unwrap it after 3 days. This sorts of eucalyptus leaves I picked from the park give blurred prints. I'll do some rust with it to have another look.

These bright prints are onion skin and the eucalyptus leaves I bought from florist. It look prettier.

My mother is persistent and very independent. She’s in her 80s and quite healthy to take good care of her routine and household. She’s very neat and tidy. She appreciates nature. Fallen petals or flowers are pity to step on. She picked some and put on the table.

Last year she picked these pine cones and gave me. I hang on the pine tree in my balcony. It's life of nature. Loving it, loving her.

Recently she’s baptized. I gave her my wool felt hanging with 4 sheep (sibling of us) – sheep has special means in Bible. It's hang on the door under the cross. Wish her every day is blessing day. Let's cherish our loved ones around us.

May God bless you ALL.


  1. what a nice post Terriea!! Bless you too.

  2. Terrie--Oh, how wonderful that you have such a lovely relationship with your mother. She looks amazing!! No wonder you still look like a teenager yourself!! You are both lucky...cherishing and respecting each other in this way. XXO-

  3. Nice to see that you can connect so well with your mother and doing things you both enjoy. Lovely prints as well.

  4. What a lovely post. The relationships with our moms can certainly be wonderful. I know mine is. I am thankful that my mother takes such good care of herself.

  5. How fortunate you are to be able to share something you love with your mother. It is a joy to see you two together in the park enjoying the world around you. Nice prints also, and maybe a post mordant of iron water will help your euca prints.

  6. This is such a lovely post, Terrie. How fortunate you are to have such a wonderful and loving family.
    I have been enjoying having the chance to see your work on FB.

  7. Lovely! I'm smiling a smile that will last all day! I'm going to call my mom and tell her I love her.
    Bless you and your family, Terrie!

  8. Terrie, This is such a lovely post. My mother loves to hear about all my creative explorations. As a mother of 8 children she never had the time to do such things but she is so very creative. Her home is lovely and that has been her creative outlet. Now in her 80's she puts fresh flowers in her front window for those who pass by to enjoy. I think all your prints are lovely. Lots of mine don't come out very vibrant but there is still a lovely calm beauty about them. I'm going to try that post mordant iron bath also.

  9. This is beautiful Teriea and I think you are lucky to have your mom with you collecting leaves...

  10. Thank you all for your sweet comments. It's always great moments with our loved ones - particularly they're healthy, they know who we're and how we cherish them. If seeing someone who's in serious illness, no matter how often we visit them, it's too late. Cherish our loved ones. 珍惜眼前人, 珍重每一刻.

  11. So beautiful, dear Terriea! Thank you for sharing! Warmest regards from Cyprus and lots of hugs, Tatiana


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