Thursday, September 29, 2011

Extra day off to make eco-print 又一鐵鏽印染

Today Hong Kong is hit by a typhoon and we don't have to work. It's not my expectation to have any day off brought by typhoon as it has impact to normal business and schedule, not to mention it may have caused devastation. Fortunately we don't have severe damages. I took the time to finish a piece of rust printed scarf. 今日颱風襲港不用上班, 向來這不是
是我渴求的額外假期, 因為颱風怎也會帶來破壞與打亂日程, 幸而這個颱風未有做成太大損毀. 我就利用這一天的時間繼續做我的環保印染嘗試, 完成了一條頸巾.

The day before I found my hubby's tools kit a rust spanner. Oh, I have the treasure at my finger tip I didn't aware of ! I wrapped it with the eucalyptus dyed silk and boiled for a while. Let it remained overnight. The outcome is very strong.

Today I made both ends of fringes with nuno felt skill, then embellished with glass beads to have the sparkling look. Mogi is a quality controller. Good, he finds my piece passed.
Close up of the prints. Imagine what it looks? Rust has the effect of a little purple. Quite interesting.
This is only experiment so I didn't make it longer but it still can be wrapped in style, I suppose.
We're into fall soon. This airy scarf can be a wrap in a breezy night. I'm obessed in eco-print and will do some more. Hope you don't find overwhelmed.

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  1. Glad you are safexx love this scarf..keep safe pleasexx

  2. Terriea, This is so lovely. Don't you just love how those rusted bits add some magic.

  3. Once again, you have created something exquisite! Mmmm... beautiful!
    I never tire of your creations.

  4. Hi Terri,
    you are my first ever blog friend in Hong Kong. Im so happy you commented on my blog post about aprons. i love your art. you are very talented and creative and unique. There is a group of ladies in my town that do fabric and felt art of all kinds. I will post about them sometime. you would love these ladies they are all so friendly and love to teach others.

    - KAT -


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