Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A day other than craft talks 任務完成回家去

Today is not blabbing about crafts, a serious work day instead. Monday arrived in Manila with consultants for business activity. Yesterday was Roundtable setup for prominent speakers.

Today is whole day symposium with participants from healthcare sector.
Quite busy in the morning registration. Panel discussion and media interview.

Networking among participants.

A successful stakeholder engagement activity with the supports of boss and our consultants.

Business trip is no fun, really busy. With fabulous food in the front we just scratch.

All the time I stayed in the grand Shangri-La Hotel as meetings are being held here. Overlook from hotel is the business and financial centre. Task completed. I'm eager going home. So anxious to unwrap my eco-print since away from home for a few days. Hope to show you the wonderful prints.


  1. Eager to see your eco prints! I smiled as i read this..maybe a business trip is a good way to stay patient while awaiting bundles to be ready! I ahve following a lot of eco-dyers and one of these will start experiments myself. meanwhile, am admiring of the work you and so many tohers are doing. Also enjoyed seeing you in the pictures and knowing the story of your "other life"!

  2. welcome home, now relax,,

  3. Welcome Home Terri. I did not realize you had such a big stressful job. The fact that you find time to do your crafts and create is very inspiring, and very good for you indeed.


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