Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nuno felt hat & scarf

A nuno felt hat just made. This piece is thin and light, good for winter and summer. The shawl base made of organsa is to match the hat.
Materials used are merino wool, silk chiffon and mulbery silk.

Close up of texture. The black flowers are made of organsa and wool. Just love the shining mulberry silk on the shawl.

Steps of making it is placing the wool over the resist. I also put on silk scraps to have a nice look of texture. Then wrap around both top and down sides of the resist with silk chiffon. Do the same rolling and fulling. Cut it and full it to head size. That's it.

On the day I took the photos of the hat by the seashore of Stanley where I've my studio flat, I found these sea urchins. Listening to the echo of waves was pleasing. Indeed I don't know swimming, I scare of sea but I stayed away from the big wave just watching people playing. I think of blogger MaryL. She lives on a boat in the States. Wondering how a wonderful environment is.

I walked to the other side of the bay. Ice cream was tempation.

This little boat just finished a task and set aside.

Cats were looking for fish?

This one was sun bathing.

There're lots of cats - stray cats but lovely. I adore all breeds of cats, even the black cats. When I was young I'd a few black cats. They look mysterious but tame. These were taken last Sat. When I watching them I thought of my own ones. Imagined they're chasing each other. I returned home overnight I seen my Tiger last. Wish him rest in peace.


  1. Your hat is beautiful! Was the silk the last layer you put on? The color is perfect!
    I am sorry about Tiger, it's very sad when we lose our sweet animals. Sending you a hug :)

  2. beautiful hat and scarf,, just lovely, the photos are beautiful as well.I'm sorry for your loss, I know you miss tiger,

  3. Terrie, your work just gets more and more beautiful with each new item that you create.

  4. Thank you ladies. Just want to learn more and do the experiments.
    Kelly, actually I first put on mulberry silk, then merino wool and cover with silk chiffon. After fulling, cut it and turn it over. So mulberry silk appears on the top. That's the way I do.

  5. Terrie, you write the most delightful posts!! Love the hat and silky and luxurious looking! LOVE the sea urchins!! Reminds me of a time years ago when we were on a huge beach (9 ft. tides... off the South Georgia coast near Savannah)you could only get there by boat and the shoreline was teeming with urchin shells!! I picked a bunch :)))

  6. A lovely post to wake up to here in Seattle! Terrie-a beautiful post. I love the is especially graceful and stunning. Thanks for the info, the other lovely photos of your day. And yes, RIP-Tiger.

  7. My craft of choice is sewing, but this nuno felting is very enticing! I went back through all your felt projects (lovely handbags by the way) and was so taken with the creative possibilities. I was awake until after 1AM looking at youtube videos of nuno felting lessons! I am very inspired to try this out! Can you recommend any good nuno-felting online resource site(s)?

    Ricochet and Away!

  8. Thanks MaryL, Ginny and Ricochet. Ricochet, I can only find a few YouTube about nuno felt, here's one of it
    but the way I'm making dresses seems none. That's why I flown to Holland to learn it. Hope you enjoy trying.

  9. Terrie, the felted hat is simply gorgeous!!! It goes so well with the scarf.

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