Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bottle of Friendship 滿載友情的瓶子

Bottle of Friendship

My friend Heidi left me a few wine bottles after a short stay in my tiny studio. The couple has a good taste of wine & food and now enjoying life. She knows I can make something with the bottles. Yes, I love to re-do something with wool. Here’s the coated bottle made – I call it “Bottle of Friendship”.
好友 Heidi 最近在我的小室短留兩天游游水晒晒太陽, 她夫婦倆一向享受生活, 紅酒美食甚有品味. 她留給我空酒瓶, 知道我會好好利用做點手工, 對我可真了解.
Heidi is my good friend since teenage. We’d lots of travels together. We’ve been to China, to Sausalito, Alcatraz Island in the States, walked the dogs with Jan in Gloucestershire. She’s a cheerful lady, with her company I’ll never bored. What made us most impressive was the journey to Provence, France. On our way to Nyons from Montepillar we passed by the lavender field – the first sight of lavender made us excited.
Heidi 是我在學時死黨, 多年來, (真係好多年, 嘻嘻..), 我們結伴旅遊, 嚐潮汕美食, 閑遊美國 Sausalito, Alcatraz 小島, 在英國鄉間溜溜狗. 她的開朗歡樂, 有她同行永無冷場, 與她最近一次去南法普羅旺斯, 甫到埗見到薰衣草田我們雀躍不已.
The bottle was made with memory of our brilliant days in Provence.
戀戀山城, 南法風情縈迴繚繞, 以瓶子盛之.

Poppy is my favorite flower. Just love the bright color. 隨風搖曳艷紅的罌粟花更是我所愛.

Stunning and brilliant 晴空萬里, 花香處處.

Inspired and shown by Kim of Viltalakim I made this coated bottle. I used merino wool and cut the prefelt for poppies. Laid the wool on the resist on one side for poppies and the other for lavenders.

Wet it and do the rolling and fulling . Cut the top and removed the resist then put on the bottle to shape it fit.

I like my friends who drive me challenge for creation. I cherish our friendship. Wave washes away the words but our friendship will never fade out.
我的朋友不時給我鼓勵, 給我靈感, , 海浪會沖走沙堆, 不會沖去友情.

Heidi, this little bay in Stanley surely reminisces your childhood when you stayed in your uncle’s quarter during summer vacation.
Heidi 我知道這個赤柱小灘給你很多童年回憶, 你在 舅父的宿舍渡假游水, 歡渡多個快樂暑假.

I put a slip inside this bottle, it’s floating to your end……….. awaiting your pick-up.
瓶子滿載美麗回憶 漂浮到你的彼岸.
Enjoy life and our friendship forever. 期待下一次悠遊假期……

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  1. Wow! this is so beautiful! You are indeed very talented in working with felt... those poppies and lavender add so much color and vibrancy and I love the entire has that painted quality... amazing job! The pretty purse from your previous post is so beautiful... these are wonderful works of art. Thanks for sharing such inspiring work with us and for your sweet comment on my flowers and landscaping. Have a great mid-week!~Poppy

  2. what a beautiful way to remember such a wonderful time,, you are so gifted, this is beautiful,,

  3. what a super nice bottle!! looks like you have 2 :) well done!!
    And I am also very happy we met and have some kind of friendship too :)

  4. Thank you Poppy, adding poppies are the easy way to do with pictures.
    Thanks Laurie, I can't paint as detail as you do. Wool felt picture may look abstract. Sounds acceptable.
    Viltalakim, you're so generous to show me how to make it. I bear in mind those beautiful flowers in your garden. Wool started our friendship. BIG hug xxxx

  5. Wow, this is great! Love the felting...I have never even thought of that! Makes a great gift!

  6. This is amazing, well done! I have never seen this before. Saw you on linky party and now google following you. Please pop by, Karima :)

  7. Terrie
    I am so glad you dropped into my blog so I could come back and visit yours! I have so much to learn! Your bottles are beautiful. I am going to follow you so I can learn more. x Julie

  8. Hi Terrie,
    I'm so glad you came to visit my blog, so I could discover yours. Thanks so much for your compliments. I love your work. Your friendship bottle is beautiful. I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to future posts.

  9. I just wanted to say hello

    I read your comment on At The Pickett Fence


  10. So glad to have a friend from Asia stop by and I would let you go easily - following you from Malaysia - PC

  11. Sorry - I mean I " wouldn't " - really enjoy your blog and can't wait to see more from you!

  12. This is so beautiful Terrie!! That top photo could be a postcard! I so enjoy your sweet creative heart! :)))

  13. Oh these are beautiful! I love the lavender bottles! :)

  14. Wao !! this is a creative & cute style..totally amazing!! i like it :)


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