Friday, June 24, 2011

Hong Kong city escape 香港咫尺之寧謐

Hong Kong is a renowned financial centre and a dynamic city with high rises. A panoramic view from The Peak down to the Victoria Harbour is just like a cement forest. 香港 - 動感之都, 萬丈高樓拔地而起, 視平線高於太平山頂了! 我還是較喜愛夕陽西沉島嶼間的遠眺落日景致. The other side is stunning sunset on the outlying islands. This is the view I love most. Hong Kong, in the South China just a stone's throw there are most striking and valuable natural landscapes and the numerous outlying islands are of scenic and geologic beauty. 香港處於南中國的彈丸之地, 周邊無數大小島嶼有怡人青蔥山野, 亦有地質奇突崖石.

I've a couple who lives a sequestered life in a village on Lantau - the largest outlying island in Hong Kong. Last Sunday I visited them. Their house located in the grassy hillside with magestic peaks rearing up behind. It's only an hour traffic from the city but its natural landscape is totally different from the bustle and hustle urban. 朋友夫婦在大嶼山的一條小村過著隱居生活, 日前探訪. 村子離港島一小時左右的交通, 屋子座落青翠山麓, 抵埗已感寧謐.

Next to the main block is a storage house with Chinese typical tiles and little wooden door. 房子側的一所貯藏室有很典型的中國瓦頂及兩扇木門.

We'd seafood barbarcue on a stove made of tree trunk and a used wok. Such an eco-friendly idea of re-do. 朋友很環保的以樹幹及舊鑊子自制燒烤爐, 給我們很美味的海鮮餐.

There're cows resting on the path. They're actually offsprings of abandoned cows left by farmers some years ago. Hundreds of them roaming on the island but are tame. 對都市人的我, 見到牛群為之雀躍. 島上這些牛群大多是以前被農民遺棄現在隨處流浪, 但牠們很溫馴. A path leading to the beach and cows were wandering for grasses. They're roaming and eating freely. On their backs were food chain for birds ! 牛群自由的在草地吃草, 鳥兒也忙在牛背上覓食.

Stunning and varied scenery just over the house balcony. At 4pm the moon was already in the blue sky. We seen it because the air was so clear. 蔚藍天空, 青翠山巒, 月兒早於午後四時已高高掛上.

After barbarcue we took the path leading to the sandbar which meets the streams. Such a beautiful view of dusk. 沿小路走五分鐘到小灣頭, 正藉潮退日落, 好一刻良辰美景 !

Wow, to my surprise there're buffalos ! What a good view ! 還有大水牛漫步灘頭!

Almost getting dark the buffalos were still there. I thought they would sleep in the tranqulity. It's time I got to go with memories of greenery and cows. 晚了, 大水牛還不歸家? 可能大地就是牠們的家!

I tried to make a wool felt picture with the theme of what I've captured. What a mess of cows and house ! Admitted I'm failed. 我回家記著那青山景物做一幅羊毛晝, 但屋子與牛 一團糟的.

I turned the cows to sheep and used pre-felt to make a house. Still it doesn't look good. The path should be twisted and a bit narrower. 我唯有把牛以針氈改做羊兒及把屋用預氈羊毛塊貼上, 但看來路也該是曲窄些會好一點.

Again, I turned the back over and needle felted the sheep and two houses. Sheep are more easy to make then cows. Now it looks like a picture of lake and river with sheep. This picture was done from my imagination and not in proportion. 我把晝的底部加上幾隻羊及屋後, 又是一幅雙面晝了, 不過路好像變了是河流, 天空變了湖水 ? 這晝真是要以"想像" 觀看 !

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Play with my magic hands 讓我變 變 變 ......

Hairless and limbless isn't ugly but my magic hands can make you even prettier.....

Haven't made ceramics for long since indulged in wool crafts. I don't want to stop my long time cultivated ceramics. Thus come out the idea of wool and ceramic crossover. With my recently learned skills of nuno felt I first made the ceramic doll body then made the dresses. Put together the ropes for limbs, put on hair and hat. It become a cutie doll.

Let's walk hand in hand and go for a garden party.

Below shows how I made it. 1. Make a ceramic body, glazed and highfired.

2. Make a nuno felt dress with wool between resist and covered with chiffon.

3. Put on the dress.

4. Put on hair and do the touching.

Here it is.For a bigger doll ceramic made is tougher. Alternatively smaller ones made of paper clay is also a good option. My mother always said how come I've made so many ceramic stuffs and I don't have much room to place. I said I enjoy it and love to give away on friend's special occasion. One of the above dolls will be a gift for my good colleague's sweetie who's name is J, same as my daughter's. J's birthday is on 27 June.

Have a nice day.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Giveaway on my 100th post 第100篇網誌送出的小禮物

Born on 9 June in the black&white era - naive & innocent. Ya, that's me. Age for me is no more a secret. Young at heart and every day is a bonus. I earned FULL !
很多很多年前的6月9日, 出生於黑白分明清晰單純的年代. 對, 這是我.
年齡於我不是秘密, 心境青春, 感恩愉悅的每一日, 已累積豐厚呢 !

My salads days were colorful and full of good memories though I “derailed” at times.
我的青蔥歲月充滿色彩, 循規蹈矩, 縱有 ”越軌”, 也是美好回憶.

The three generations. Thanks mum for bringing me here.I wish I'm as persistent as my mum and have my daughter's wisdom !

願我有母親的堅毅及女兒的智慧 !

I’m not aggressive, I don’t have ambition. My work is insipid fortunately with brilliant superiors. Expecting the day to quit I'll definitely pursuit my interests and enjoy MY WAY.
職場無風無浪 , 幸有精明上司, 不日退下職場可專主追求我的興趣, 我的夢想, 為所欲為, 自得其樂, 嘻....
Through the many years I passionate about ceramics and made lots of stuff. Have to admit that they’re not fine. I’m not a good student to follow the rules. Anyway just make whatever I like is what I enjoy. 對陶瓷興趣濃厚, 但仍未掌握正確技巧, 甚或苟且, 這是我的弱點, 唯有自嘲那是個人風格,“粗糙自然美”啊.
Fond of ceramic dolls and boxes as they're rather not too common. As well made some buttons for my fabric works.

早期制作的公仔、盒子是我的所愛, 鈕子也可作布藝點綴.

Two years ago when I encountered wool felt craft I’m almost addicted to it. This is such an amazing media. Nuno felt is what I hooked to and want to explore.
自兩年前接觸羊毛氈工藝便愛不釋手, 越來越發覺這工藝變化萬千, 可塑性甚高, 現在更愛鑽研 nuno felt, 簡直是沉迷.

Nuno felt is versatile ! Not only a shawl. See the seamless dress, bag, hat and the special texture.
Nuno felt 奇妙於可做出無縫的衣物及併出獨特質感.

Boxes can be made with wool as clay does. 陶泥可做的盒子 , 羊毛也可以.
For the many items I’ve made are giveaways on special occasions. That’s the chance I can do and learn to improve .
多年來拙作無數, 總愛在友好的特別日子以小禮品送出, 這樣我才有空間多作嘗試改進.

On my special day, I’m happy to give away this o.o.a.k. merino handbag and necklace. This necklace is also made by me. I dyed the cotton strip and twisted with amethyst & glass beads. The pendant is carved and handpaint ceramic.

在今天的特別日子, 我送出這兩件我手作獨一無二的純羊毛無縫手袋及項鍊, 我漂染項鍊綿繩, 綴以碎紫晶石及陶瓷吊飾.

You simply drop me comments on this post. I’ll random pick up a name for the winner of this bag and pick another one for the necklace.
This giveaway last till 2300h, 13 June (Mon) Hong Kong time, i.e. GMT 1600h 13th June.
I’ll announce the names of the winners on 101th post in mid June.
祗要在截止日期前,即香港時間13/6星期一晚上2300在這網誌貼上意見, 我會隨機抽出一位得到手袋, 另一位得到項鍊. 幸運者名字會在我的101th 網誌公報,
Thank you for stopping by. I value your comments, not only like to hear compliments, your advice/suggestion make me a day. THANKS.
你的回響將會是我改進的動力. 謝謝.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Merino Nuno Felt Handbag 羊毛 nuno felt 手袋

My colleague J. asked me what craft I’ve done recently. Puzzeled a while.... huum.....ya, still addicted to nuno felt after Vilte's workshop. This bag was just made with the skill of nuno felt. Here comes a set of nuno dress and bag.

See how I made it. I used a plastic resist, put on some small pieces of colorful silk chiffon and merino wool then covered it with a silk chiffon and did the same steps of felting.

(Double click image to enlarge)

I always try to make stuff as much as possible with my own made accessories. The ceramic button, the cross wool & metal strip as well the lining all by myself.

This is my first experiment of a nuno felt handbag. I should have put some more wool between the layer of wool and chiffon patterns that would have made the chiffon edges more “melted look”.
The front and back look (double image for large look).

My belief is the more I practise the better it looks. Will have another go. Nuno felt is fun and amazing. This merino bag with nuno felted flower is a giveaway on my next 100th post, Hope you’d join the fun. Please see the previous post for details and come back.

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