Monday, May 2, 2011

Go pets party 寵物派對

Linking with Debbie Doo's Pet Party. Fun to join it.

Mogi is a Chinchilla, one year old. Tiger is a 3-year BSH. Tiger didn't want the new comer in the first instance and in hostile. After some weeks he got used to Mogi. The two naughty things now chasing each other. When they run and jump they blow hair everywhere. I've to comb them especially Mogi everyday. His hair is long and very soft. It come to my mind to do something about their hair.

又到 Debbie Doo 的寵物派對了. Mogi 是一歲的金吉拉, Tiger 是三歲的英短, 當Mogi來到我家Tiger總是敵對, 幾星期後Tiger才接受 Mogi, 現在兩傢伙常常追逐跑跳弄得飛毛處處, 我想何不把他們梳下來的毛毛做樣東西?

For those who love cats or dogs may find making something with their pets is a nice idea. I made this felted box with my cats hair. I usually do wool felt stuff. Find my cats hair are good for making a box. 愛貓愛狗的朋友可能會覺得這盒子不錯. 不然 ......怪!? 這是用我的貓毛毛做成的. 一向愛做羊毛氈工藝, 不如做些以自己寵物為材料的物件. I put a LED lamp inside it glows. It can be a holder for my cats treats.可以是散發光亮的盒子或是貓兒零食盒.Or make a hat pin.
These hats are for my ceramic dolls. They look good !!
做個帽子別針? 其實這些已是我的陶瓷娃娃的帽子.Milka knows I love my cats and sent over me a nice gift of board. She made it herself. It's proudly on the cats' home.

Tiger said it's his.

Mogi said "It's mine"

Tiger claimed " Walawala...., it's mine, I'm the big brother!"

"Oh, you're always my buddy."

They always like that, chasing, hugging and licking. Indeed not too friendly but never flight. Tiger looks sturdy. At high alert to sounds and strangers. Mogi is adorable and innocent. They're the focus of our daily.

Friends know I adore cats. They bought me some cat books. Beautiful pictures and quotes about cats and felt craft with cat. Proud to have my book published for Tiger for his first year with us.


  1. They are beautiful!! Especially Mogi! The first photo is so interesting... Mogis' coloring almost makes it look as though he is a shadow of the other cat! Absolutely ingenious all the things you've made from the hair!! I love cats too :0 and isn't it interesting that dog owners (I am one :) usually want portraits of their own dogs over all..while cat lovers love any cat!! :)

  2. Oh my Gosh Terrie, that picture of them hugging is way too cute. I love their pretty turquoise home too. Thanks so much for sharing with Lucy and the gang.

  3. Oh, cute they are...especially the hug! Your Tiger looks a lot like my Baby Kitty!...Debbie

  4. Beautiful babies. I am sure they fill your days with joy.
    How creative and clever are you making felted boxes, and to think about a light inside!
    We knit scarves and mittens from dog hair, well mixed with other yarns.

  5. Their coats make you just want to snuggle up with them. Sooo pretty.

  6. OH they are beautiful!!!
    I love that photo of them hugging!!!

  7. They are both two beautiful cats!!

  8. hi this is Beatrice and Cally its so nice to meet you glad you came to the party i just love your house the color is perrrrrrfect hope to see you at the next party:)

  9. what a sweet cats! I readyour book and it is so funny. great to see how you made a nice journal of their (and your) live!! Thanks!

  10. Your cats are adorable. I especially love the hugging scene. Mogi seems to be much smaller, right? Cats keep a home very interesting.

  11. How lovely to see your two cats - Mogi is SO fluffy! It's so nice to have two isn't it? Thanks for your message - I'm still in shock at losing Archie but it's good to have the new ones rather than an empty house. How clever to think of using the cats' fur in your felt, I'd never have tried it, I love the box with the black cat on the lid. xx

  12. Beautiful cats! I think it is fantastic that you use their fur to make doll hats. I bet they are proud to help out. :)

  13. Wow you made crafts out of your cats' hair, how creative you are! And all are beautifully made! 看看你!时常都带来惊讶,真的很佩服!
    I can't draw cat, i'm glad that you didn't mind! Haha. Thanks for the compliments :)

    I've been busy helping my mum shifting her house, and also because my eyesight is getting worst now i refrain myself from going blog until it gets better. I will come back very soon, miss me not :P


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