Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nuno felt baby stuff 我的溫柔手作

My friends always are so inspiring and elated me to do more creation. Judy suggested me to make some baby stuff with my new skill of nuno felt, I done these in no time - dress, hat and booties.

也是我的最佳 "顧問", 有你們的意見,驅使我作多方嚐試, Judy建議我以 nuno felt 的技巧做嬰兒衣物. 好提議, 我就做了這些小帽子, 裙子與鞋子.

Baby feet are sweet.....
小腳子快要學走路 .....
Come and walk on my field......
來來來...... 跟我踏草原.....
With lots of sunshine, put the hat on.....
可別怕陽光, 有小帽子呵.......
Booties are made of merino wool, a sheep is always stand by me......
呵, 原來小羊子常伴我左右......
Baby stuff of this color are neutral. They are made of silk chiffon, merino wool and some small pieces of chiffon samples I got from wholesaler for the embellishment. This is good for materials testing.這些嬰兒衣物是用羊毛, 絲雪紡做成, 帽邊飾物是從深水埗布行取來的雪紡樣本, 我這樣可作物料試驗, 有時候買了不對辦的物料, 做到氣急敗壞.
I fond of pastel color, particularly green, yellow and blue.
This working bench I painted with acrylic is also of field, grasses and little houses. When I'm doing crafts I thought I'm wandering in the field.
我愛粉色, 特別是黃呀, 青呀, 所以我這工作板也塗了草原, 花花草草, 讓我做手作時就好像神遊鄉間 !!

Color of yellow and green just makes me feeling good. Green is symbol of live, green is nature. What sorts of color are your favourite?
Thanks for stopping by. Have a good week.

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  1. OOOHHH, I LOVE your creation...fabulous!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!! These are absolutely adorable!!! And your paintings are wonderful...full of color and charm!

  3. Hi Terrie...this is so cute and so inspiring. Not to mention so soft too. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party. I appreciate all your kind comments too.

  4. Beautiful work Terrie! They will make a little girl very happy :)

  5. How pretty and sweet! I love the colors. You are very talented!


  6. Thank you all ladies for stopping by. I love your sweet comments and hope to do some more nicer stuff.

  7. Beautiful creation, so cute!!

  8. What a beautiful little set for a baby!!! The booties are just SO cute and I LOVE the hat. Thanks so much for linking up, Terrie...


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