Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm "dyeing" - color me 多一點色彩

I made a little nuno felted dress after the workshop . Just wanted to change it from white to other color. Heard that dyeing with veggies is easy and eco-friendly. Thanks to Kim of Viltalakim and Mariana of ArtMind for their valuable advices of onion dyeing. I made it !! This is the new pastel orange dress.

我嚐試為素白的羊毛雪紡漂染另一色彩, 多得 KimMariana 的意見, 我用洋

蔥衣的植物漂染方法, 環保既方便的把我做的一件白色 nuno felt裙子改變成 "蝦肉色". 當然, 原本的白色很清新, 我是以這一小件的試驗, 若然失敗了也不太 "肉赤".


Steps of making onion skin dyeing.

1. I used some onion skins

2. Put all onion skins (about 4 pieces of big onions) in a tulle bag. Place it into a simmering pot, color coming out immediately.

3. After some time, I took out the tulle skins. Water looks like sort of juice.

4. I put the white dress and a few pieces of twisted chiffon locks in order to make dark and pale color. Put all into the pot and simmer for a little while, don't bring to boil.

5. Leave it overnight.

(In the dark, my son took over the pot cover and thought it's the Russian soup with tomato and potato - so bright color !)

6. Rinse all thoroughly.

Dyed color like this. I can use the chiffon to make other nuno felt stuff.

After dyed, the nuno felted chiffon flowers and strips are more distingished.

Comparison of before and after.


  1. Thanks so much for popping over to my little bit of "Chalky's World!" and leaving a kind comment about my Crochet bag!
    I love your dress -- so original and inspired!
    We recently visited Hong Kong and loved it!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. beautyfull color!! hope you also rinsed it with vinegar to help and xate the color a little ...

  3. Wonderful step-by-step process!! Love how it came out... I've got a pair of white capri pants that I was thinking of dyeing... this color wouldn't look good on me though... was thinking of gray?? I'll have to look into it :)

  4. Looks beautiful!
    I have never actually rinsed the stuff I die with vinegar. Actually vinegar is a mordant which should be used BEFORE dyeing. A mordant helps the fibres absorb the colour better. I usually use way more onion skins too. I have a bag in the kitchen where I put all the onion skins after using the onion. So I always have in stock.
    You can over dye this garment as many times as you want. Like you say, never boil especially in the case of wool, because then you are furthering the felting process. That you have to have in mind always.
    For another time, let the dress rest with a cup of white vinegar and some salt from the night before. Dont rinse, just squeeze the water out and then dye it. Let the dress inside the pot while it is cooling. Then take it out and just rinse it with water. That's all. You might get a brighter colour like that.
    Natural dyeing is a question of a lot of experimentation. It's fun. You just have to try!
    Good luck,

  5. Thank you gals. Forcita (Mariana) your furthur advice is valuable. I'll use vinegar next time.

  6. Lovely dress! Looks fab now that you have dyed it, its really brought out the detail.

  7. Nice work, Terrie! Best wishes from Friesland, Claudia

  8. i couldn't beleive when I read you dye with vegies,, I too have done this same thing,, I love your blog,, its just my type of thing,, I'm your newest follower,, thankyou for visiting me!!

  9. Beautiful dress,Terrie!And thank you so much for advice,I'll try as well.Warmest regards from Cyprus

  10. Hi Terrie, wow, dying using onion skin! This turned out amazingly beautiful.

  11. Did this dress shrink at all,Terriea? I'll try for sure with my dresses too.Thank you for sharing!Tatiana


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