Sunday, May 1, 2011

DIY Bag with Stitch embriodery 如何制作我的刺繡布袋

The day I stumbed into a blog of stitch embriodery I found it lovely, especialy this style which I do not know the origin. It inspired me to make one on a hemp cloth then cut it and sewed on fabric to make a shopping bag. 偶然看到別人的網誌有關刺繡, 特別喜愛這種摟空的風格, 我不知道源自何方. 我在JUSCO $10 買來一塊麻布做點手作.

I do not know much about Embriodery but just done it free. This bag is for own use so don't care about the "content".

一向沒有做過刺繡, 其實刺繡種類繁多, 我祗隨意隨心, 就是這樣繡出一小片, 我車縫在布袋上, 做了這個萬用購物袋!

Lining with pockets

I cut the finished stitch embriodery hemp cloth and sewed it on a fabric.

The upholstery fabric are leftover from my mum. I made use of them for lining pockets. That's eco-friendly.
My mother bought a hemp hat but she doesn't like it as too plain. I just did the stitch embriodery to make it a bit colorful.母親買了這帽子但覺太素, 我便繡上樹木花草加點色彩.
Embriodery is art. If we can make something of it the traditions will be continued. In the bustle and hustle city life how many people would like to do it? I myself find every DIY is an art.
刺繡是工藝也是藝術, 忙碌的都市生活偶爾做點刺繡, 不失

"An idea a day, keeps Alzheimer away."



  1. I love it!! The whole thing... the bag, the cloth you picked (crazy about sea scenes :) and the embroidery on the hat and bag! My very first embroidery was on a t-shirt...I covered it with flowers and wore it constantly...and I mean constantly!! I was about 15yrs old and took to embroidering all kinds of things... can't hold a needle now though, seriously painful... but I so enjoy seeing others' works... You are right... we need to keep these older arts going and I do believe there are lots of people who do :)))

  2. great emboridery! and I couldn´t even agree more on the DIY fact and old techniques1!! so much is dissappearig nowadays ....

  3. Thanks MaryL and Kim. Just wish sorts of wisdom of ancester are ongoing.

  4. Well, I think your new works of embroidery art are wonderful and definitely one of a kind creations. When you go out shopping with your new bag everyone is going to wonder where you got it. Your mother's hat is also very creative. Good job!!

  5. this is such a lovely creative blog,, I really like how you repurpose things,, its so gentle to our earth to reuse things,,and to renew!I'm your 50 th follower!

  6. It is interesting for me to see your very nice bag with the embroidery "Autonom Hulsøm". The name is danish and it means: " autonomous needle-weaving". I´ve just made the invention my self, so I´m pleased that you like this way of doing embroidery. It is funny to see "my way" of making needlework in the opposite part of the world. Denmark is far away from Hong Kong but the neddle and the thread are the same ;0) You can take a look.... Happy to here from you, best regards Rikke Ruff from Denmark/Scandinavia/Europe.

  7. Thank you Rikke for your inspiring invention. I really love the way you're doing embriodery.


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