Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wrap up and good bye to Holland 再見荷蘭

Today's my last day in Holland. I stayed in Amsterdam, my colleague Radhika's home. We walked along the river and toured the town centre.

Amsterdam is a fascinating city with packed squares with quiet canals .

My main purpose of the trip was to learn nuno felt dress making. I really love the skills I learnt.

That's what I've never known and the new style of making dress seamless - without using thread and needle to make a wearable and the patterns can be so detailed ! This is the trial sample I made with silk chiffon plus wool.

What's more for my trip ? I have the chance to meet my good friends. Radhika is my colleague working in Amsterdam Headquarters. I stayed my last day with her. She prepared me the very delicious Indian meal and I made the simple Chinese fried rice.

My pleasure to meet my blogfriend Kim in Maastricht. She's a great felter whom we've the common interest.

I'd a wonderful stay and catch up with long time friend Ria and Henk. Ria is very good in patchwork and stitches works. We exchanged crafts making. I showed her to make a wool felt hanging of tulip.

My trip was pleasant with cycling along the river in Leeuwarden.

A day trip to Maastrich to visit Kim in the historic city.

The Friesland village with black and white cattle is such a typical picture.This cat's so pretty and rubbed my legs.

Good bye to you and Holland. I'll miss you and all my friends.


  1. have a nice journey back home Terriea!! It really was a pleasure meeting you and I hope we will once meet again...


  2. Aww, time passes so fast and you're ready to go home. Glad you enjoyed the trip (and we enjoyed the photos too!). It's good to travel to see the world and relax your mind sometimes. Hoping to see more of your nuno felt crafts/ dresses!

  3. Sob, sniff,'s often sad to say goodbye to good friends. It is wonderful to travel and see the other side of the world and meeting new friends and learn new things. I look forward to seeing your new project soon. I love the intricate designs and the natural look. I imagine it would be lovely to make a wedding gown with this technique. Cheers

  4. I'm so happy to hear that you had such fun on your trip (and learned so much!!)
    Now you'll just have to start planning your trip to visit ME here in Philadelphia!! XXO-

  5. What a wonderful bunch of posts!! Thank you for the view of Holland through your experiences and showing us a peek of your new felting pieces... the dress is so wonderful!! I love the tulip hanging as well, so colorful and soft looking :)

  6. Thanks all gals, always love to know and meet friends of common interests. You all give me lots of inspiration.

  7. Oh my goodness! You learned nuno AND you met Kim?! I am sooo jealous!

    Hooray for you! I can't wait to see what you make after this adventure.

  8. Thanks Lisa, yes, met Kim. She's great and wonderful to meet her in prsonal. Will surely post my newly makes.


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