Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nuno felt dress - I made it !

Ever found a kind of wool felt wearable - nuno felt dressing, I've expected to learn it. Today just finished the 3-day workshop conducted by the famous Lithuania felter Vilte in FILT Vitwerk in Baard, The Netherlands. Can't believe it ! This is such an amazing technique of making gorgeous seamless unique dresses. No doubt we students only learnt it by attending personally the workshop. You see I made it !
Making the dress needs creativities, patience. Following the steps we can make chic and elegant dresses. During workshop it's not encouraged to take photos of process. Right after the class finished today. I can't wait and back to the lodging I immediately made a mini one for my relative girl, so that I can take photos of steps for future reference.
Who knows just combine wool, silk chiffon, some kind of fibre materials plus "secret skills", a stunning piece can be done in a few hours. I myself find it flexible and easiler than machine sewing.
Our workshop was held in this studio in Barrd. lt was spring time, sunny and windy at times. We packed warm in the well served studio. We'd lunch on the lawn, breathing the smell of nature.

Vilte introduced and demonstred the "tricky" ways of making. We tried and come out our own trials.
Vilte asked how we like and what we don't for our trials.

Then she advised how we can do it better on the true design. Here come from a few of us.
A coat look.
Soets' cool post !

Humm, is it fit?
My honor to have Vilte's book with her autograph.
The class is over, remaining days will be seeing a couple of friends then Amsterdam is my last stop.


  1. What a wonderful trip and learning experience for you. I hope you took very good notes. Your dress is amazing. I cannot believe there are no seams!
    Enjoy! Enjoy!

  2. 很讚的作品!nuno felt總是能創造許多的可能。相互加油吧!

  3. 很讚的作品!nuno felt總是能創造許多的可能。相互加油吧!

  4. The 2 white dresses made by you? Wow they are gorgeous. I'm not very sure what nuno felt thingie is but it looks like everybody is enjoying the process of making, you make me itchy wanna learn too haha.

  5. Beautiful work, Terriea!
    I'm so glad you managed to go to Vilte's workshop! Hope you got a lot of inspiration and knowledge.
    Can't wait to see your future works!

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  7. Thanks Sandee, Sbrina, milka and Vaida. It's really amazing foer making these wearables . Vilte's works are wonderful.

  8. wow beautyfll dress you made!! I completely missed this post ... till now :) nunofelting is a nice thing to do, isn't it???


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