Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful days in Holland - first 2 days 明媚的荷蘭

Before starting the wool felt workshop on Monday, I took a walk in the Leeuwarden centre. Strolling along the canals was enjoyable as the locals. It's a beautiful day, sunny and cool. 這兩天
趁還未開始nuno felt 課堂, 在這明媚的周未在Leeuwarden 小鎮瀏灠.
Leeuwarden is in the north of Holland, same as other parts of the country, canals and rivers are composition of the city. Leeuwarden與荷蘭其他城市一樣, 大小運河水道交錯.Cycling is the eco-means of own transportation. 全國推崇環保踏單車是最佳交通工具.

My B&B is in the walk distance of the city, quiet and easy. 我的旅館位於寧靜小區, 10分鐘步行到市中心, 這三日都在這裡.
Spring is sprung, flowers everywhere. 春暖花開
My second day was amazing with my first visit to Kim who lives at the utmost south Holland - Maastricht. (馬斯垂克)She's my blogfriend and a great felter. 到埗的第二日去探訪網友Kim - 她的羊毛氈工藝另我大開眼界. 我從北部Leeuwarden 到
Kim 南部Maastricht以即日10小時火車

來回, 其間5小時逗留, 對我而言是開心興奮的.My nuno felt class actually taking place in the north. Going from extreme north to the south needs 10-hour round train ride. Taking the chance of visiting Holland I was so glad to do a day visit to Kim.

In the dawn my train heading to the south.
Arriving Maastrich at noon, Kim was so nice to show me around the city centre. Maastricht is the oldest town of Holland and a complex of historic buildings, monuments and with lively cultural overtones added over centuries by the Romans, Germans and French.

Kim 帶我漫遊馬斯垂克-荷蘭最古老的城市 The cobbled lanes.

The Helpoort - Hells Gate !
Historic walked around the centre.
Town view across the river

After a coffee and "Vlaai" - a kind of yummy pie in town, Kim's husband drove us back to Kim's house and studio. The kids are gorgeous and sweet.
Kim's studio is awesome. She has so many creative items. She's so nice to show me some techniques of rubbing and the entanglement of mixed media.
Eye opening for a great felter's creation. She's very very nice to give me these beautiful gifts...
A city guide of Maastricht, a textile forum magazine, a Guided Angel, a wreathe, wool felted soaps, pack of soap with lovely cards of her design. Oh, the heart shape tree bark is so lovely.
What's more..... wow, these wool locks. Love them very much. They're fresh still have the smell of sheep and fat! Will definitely be another creativity inspiration. Kim, you're so nice. We known not long but we've the common, we've endless topics. We don't have the gap ! My 10-hour daytrip for a 5-hour meet is worthy. Hope one day you'll come to Hong Kong.
BIG thanks and hugs.


  1. Lovely post about the Netherlands Terriea!! I bet you saw more of the country then I ever did myself , hihihihi
    I really feel honored you came all thatway to met me. Thank you dear Terriea. Hope the other days will be splendid!!

  2. Looks lovely! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time, enjoy the rest of your trip.

  3. Thanks girls. Kim, my pleasure to meet you too. Thanks for your time with me.

  4. There are so many amazing people we meet from the blogland. It is so nice we get connected from here :)

  5. Btw, your smile is so sunshine :))

  6. I agreed that blogging is an awesome place to meet friends. Great pictures--Terriea. Bet you need a week's off work to play with new techniques..Take care

  7. I enjoyed your post...Looks like you and Kim had a fantastic time together. She's such a wonderful person and great feltmaker (I've been the happy recipient of some of her creations;-)

  8. So glad to see that you and Kim could meet in person; it is so remarkable and sweet that friend ships forged via blogs, FaceBook and other on-line venues can "translate" so well into in person meetings!


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