Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another beautiful days in Holland 繼續荷蘭陽光之旅

After the nuno felt workshop I headed to my friend Ria in Zuidwolde. We haven’t seen for almost 7 years. This is a nice catch up and enjoyed very much the beautiful days. We did cycling around the village, had fabulous tea, meals under the sun.
完成 Nuno felt 課堂, 繼續我的探訪旅遊去到Ria家, 在和熙的陽光下在花園閒聊吃茶.

Generally the bicyles in Holland for adults are bigger then in HK. It took me some time to manage well.

在小村內踏單車, 荷蘭的成人單車比香港的一般很高, 我要練習多次才可控制到.
Ria took me to a mill in Hoogeveen. The mill is almost 200 years
old and still works for flour making. We went up the mill and the owner was so nice to show us how it works now.

Ria 帶我參觀一座已有二百多年的磨坊, 現今仍在使用制做麵粉, 工作人員很細心的介紹磨坊如何運作.

My visit to Ria is for catching up, for leisure cycling and for craft fun. Ria's great in patchwork, quilting and paper crafts. I show her wool felting. She's talented to follow me. We cut the pre-felt to make a picture of tulips.

7 年沒見Ria , 今次探訪, 閒話共聚外, 也做些手工藝交流, Ria 是併布刺繡能手, 我教她做羊毛氈工藝.

Ria 很輕鬆的完成了這些制作 A small hanging is done. Ria made this brooches and a pouch as well.

She's so happy to show her neighbor what I taught her. 她很興奮的給她鄰居看她的制成品呢 !


  1. That tulip hanging is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your trip with us... it's almost as good as going myself. :)

  2. 很美。地方很美,手工也很美!

  3. What amazing friends you have around the world!

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