Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paid off "Bags of Debts" - shoulder off. 還清一袋子的債

My friends lifted my spirits. When they see my own made fabric bags they said they're unique and love it (is it true ?). They just elated me a lot and drove me to make a few more. I promised myself to give them. Now is spring and blossom blooming. Bags should be colorful and light. I made a few for my loved ones. Just paid off my "bags of debts" . 我的摯愛讚賞我的手作布袋 (真的?), 太過獎了, 使我飄飄然. 驅使我做多幾個. 春夏天百花競艷, 鳥語花香. 好, 就以花鳥做袋子吧, 剛好完成送出, 還了"幾袋子債". 希望他們喜愛. A shoulder bag for my sister. I painted the owl with acrylic then sewed on the flap. All made with reusuable curtain fabric. The bamboo-shape button is from my used coat.

This bag is for pretty lady Lor. She has a cat Oscar like my Mogi. We've common topics. You'll see Mogi on the bottom.
A tote bag for my aunt's teenage girl. She can carry it to school.

These are the samples of curtain my mother gave me. I made
use of every single piece.

I first cut the shapes of birds and owl, then sewed them and colored them with acrylic paints. This paint is good on fabric. After dried it's washable.

I like to make bags with lining and some inner pockets.

I also like to make it as functional as possible. This strap of the shoulder bag is detachable, the owl pocket can hold a mobile phone. There are a few outer pockets, the side ones can be pen holders. The bag can be used for toiletries on travels.

The bag is good for young-at-heart . In a summer day it's cool !
Oh, my Mogi's too big. He wants to slip away.
Thanks for stopping by.
The 4th Newbie from Debbie Doo. Her blog is great and love to share.


  1. Lovely bags! And that sure is one adorable cat!

  2. 唔赞你都唔得!你真係好GENG!又识裁缝又识画画!Very beautiful and unique bags!

  3. Thanks Kelly and Milka. You're being kind. Milka, 你太過獎啦, 你的家居花鳥田園給我很多靈感呢!

  4. Its lovely Terrie specially I love how manageable the inner is...

  5. Those are super Bags. I love them for Spring....very cute! Thanks for joining me Terrie. XO

  6. awesome bags! I'm here from debbie's party, and I'm your newest follower too!

  7. Beautiful colors, and such sweet birds!


  8. Lovely bags and very unique! Upholstery material are best for making bags.

  9. Terrie, your bags are wonderful. I think it's great how you've re-used materials to make lovely things, then give them away as gifts. You're a great friend. Have a lovely week :-)
    P.S. The hyacinths are beautiful.

  10. Your bag is too cute!! I have 4 boxes of decorator fabric & am always looking for things to do with it! Thanks!

  11. Your bags are so pretty and you are really talented. I can see why you owed bags of debts now.


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