Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flowers I grown for you friends 送給你滿室花香

This is Hyacinths (風信子), I love the fragrance. Two weeks ago I bought this "multi- bud" Hyacinths for the Chinese New Year. I've never seen this root flower more than one single root, it has 9 buds! They're blooming.

Bloggies, thank you for stopping by. We're in spring now. I sent you these flowers and hope you also feel our warmth and house of fragrance.

I made this e-card particularly for Melinda, my bloggie in CA. Her birthday falls on Feb 20. Happy Birthday !!
Last year she stumbled upon my blog and found my wool felt brooches then ordered a few pieces. I was so glad as I've never thought of on-line business. She was my first client and now friends.The day I bought the buds and put them in my own made ceramic pots.

Two days later they're already blooming.

Just made these ceramic pots. They're hand-built and high fired. I don't like them at first sight. Now just love the raw and rough texture. Seeing the flowers blooming in my own made pots, I'm loving them....
My photography is not that good. I admire Debbie Doo, Shirley and others. They're brilliant. All their photos are stunning.
Nice weekend!


  1. Wahhh, you even made your own flower pots! Your hands is good! I like the rough texture look.
    Happy spring!

  2. Terri Terri always smiling, how does your garden grow lol
    They look absolutely gorgeous and your pots are Beautiful :))

  3. Hi Terriea,
    Thank you, I am honored for the virtual card. I love hyacinth too--in purple and pink too. The fragrance is heavenly. I also love the rustic look on your pots. Happy Spring to you and may your garden be filled joy and happiness.

  4. they always smell nice!! Don´+t forget to plant them out in the garden for next year when the bloom is over.....


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