Monday, February 21, 2011

Facelift of a rack 舊木架翻新

Inspired by Milka, Erika, Debbie and other bloggies, I've done my bit help protect the earth. Weeks ago my neighbor disposed an used wooden rack for whoever's take- away. I took it and put in my yard for plants. It's wood color that I don't like much and decided to have a facelift.
鄰居把舊木架放置門外讓有心人取用, 我拿回家擺在平台作花架, 但又不大愛原木色, 於是加點心思, 為環保出點力又可有點攪作, 於是把架子做一次簡單翻新.
This is the finished look. I love it. 我愛這完成後的樣子.
This original wood color with liquar is not easily covered with new paint.
Though I used sand paper to polish before putting new paint. I gave up and just used the leftover of my wall paint. I put on 3-4 layers, that's fine.

The top indeed was amended but still safe enough. I wanted to have something to hide the joint and make it nicer.
My ceramic tutor CC of Pottery Stall was so nice to give me a lovely decoupage napkin paper. I put it on with Mod Podge glue and finished with it all over the rack. Here's the remake. I put it in my holiday studio flat as a book shelf.

Should I put it beside the TV cabinet ?

Or put it on the other side? Well, it seems right here and matches the wall color and the wall I painted .

After I stumbled into Milka's blog of hallway, I found her way of making the wall is great. So lovely with birds and tree. It's a good reference if I've other chance of changing my wall.
Winter Blues Wed. Party by Judy
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  1. What a sweet stand you have created. It looks like it would go just about any place! And I love your mural of the French lavender fields.

  2. lovely sidetable. I always think painting is a fast job.. but it is not, hihihi well done!

  3. Terrie,Looks wonderful. I'm lovin' the mod podge top, I'm really wanting to try mod podge.
    Thanks for visiting LazyonLoblolly.
    I am your newest follower too.

  4. So very pretty! You did a great job of making this over! I love that you used a napkin. Very creative.


  5. I love all your cabinets in white. The makeover makes such a great different, you're so good at it!
    Btw, thanks for admiring my wall. Just a wall decals and anyone can do it :)


  6. how great! i thought you painted that piece on top, but your way was sure easier! what a great change.

  7. Looks lovely I like the picture on the top.

  8. Hi Terrie, Lovely job on the table and your mural is so pretty.


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