Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What am I showing ? 我要展示.....

I'd like to show you.... not only our Mogi but the fabric bag I made for my sister, Pauline. Pauline said she would like a shoulder bag for summer that looks care free and asked me to do it not in a hurry. I was so eager to have it finished and tried everything handmade. Will give her this Sat. Hope she loves it. 你看看我的貓兒 Mogi很可愛喲, 我要展示的是我特別做給妹妹的斜肩布袋子. I've been inspired by Sandee's fabric bags and Felted House's lovely Archie, a black cat. I decided to make this bag with the used curtain fabric and wet felt the black cats. 網友的手作袋及黑貓 Archie是我的制作靈感.

This looks practical that the front has pockets for book and pen. 好實用喲, 前袋可放書及筆.

The back also has pocket and with lining. Button is a ceramic leaf made by me. 前後有袋子, 內夾裡布, 鈕子是我做的陶瓷葉子.

I cut the template of a cat and wet felt it. The machine sewed button hole doesn't look good. So I wet felt a piece of wool and inserted in between to form a hole. 機縫孔我不滿意, 我用羊毛氈化套入孔內成為一個圓鈕孔.
When we're kids I constantly bullied my sister, I was selfish and taken all the good stuff from her. Now we have own family and we're getting along. I will do whatever she adores. This is a simple bag and my needle works are not that good but it's made with love. 小時侯妹妹總是被我欺負, 我們 成長後各自有家庭, 我對她更顯關愛, 祗要她喜歡的我有求必應.


  1. Terrie, your bag is beautiful! Your sister is going to love it! Curtain fabric is such a good idea.

  2. I love the bag, Terrie, but I love more the thought and emotion behind it. What a lovely gift for your sister. Your wet felted cat is so cute! Thank you for sharing :o)
    x, Val

  3. Thanks Sandee and Valerje for your sweet words. Yes that's the love and care we share now.

  4. Świetna torba.
    Nie wiesz co się dzieje u Archi i jej kotami. Już ponad rok nie daje znaku życia?


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