Sunday, December 5, 2010

My joy of daughter's Master graduation 我女兒的碩士畢業典禮

I'm delighted to share with you my daughter Jasmine's Master graduation in the HKU - Faculty of Architecture, Real Estate & Construction. On 1 Dec we attended her graduation ceremony at the City Hall and followed by photo taking in the campus today. 12月1 日在大會堂參加女兒芷臻的碩士畢業禮, 繼而在這和熙的周日在大學校園拍照, 我很高興與你們分享這份喜悅 .
My bright and gorgeous Jasmine

I was waiting to be seated in the Concert Hall
Jasmine at the presentation

Jasmine's brother and dad
Jasmine and Dave
My mum and sister
Time flies. The sweet kids are grown ups now. I always keep these photos in my wallet. They're 2 & 4 then. Sometimes when I open my wallet at the cashier people asked "Wow your babies ?" I replied yes sweetly. Jasmine kidding me that I like to carry their baby pictures just let others to have the impression that I've young kids and I'm also young. I told her that they're the sweetest and most obedient at those ages. She said that just like cats when they're kittens, they're naive, innocent and gorgeous. Girl, now you're adult though naughty at times, you've your way of thinking, you're smart. I can't deny I'm old. I proud of you ! I'm over the moon for your achievement !


  1. You are not old. You're always a young and artistic lady in my mind!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter, it's alarming how time rushes past isn't it - my boys are 15 and 13 now and I can hardly believe it!
    My bag on my last post is made flat round a template, with a half-moon shape cut out near the top when it has felted together - completely cut out one side and just the round part cut out the other side to make a flap - when I have fulled the bag I roll the handle part into a tube and stitch it together at centre on the inside - so it looks thick but is actually full of air! Although of course could be stiffened by inserting a tube of something. xx

  3. Hi Terrie,

    Congratulations! I am happy and shared your happiness. You did a great job of raising such wonderful kids (I mean, adults)

  4. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation and congratulations to you for raising such an accomplished daughter!

  5. How exciting for Jasmine and you! The photo of you, your sis, Jasmine and your mom is lovely. What beautiful women...all of you.


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