Friday, December 10, 2010

Decoupage bags making with colleagues 午間小敘- 圖案袋制作

When our office was in downtown we used to do grocery or window shoppings during lunch break. Since moved to the remote district, there’re nothing to shop, we can only promenade after lunch. That’s good exercise but what else can we do for a work-life balance? Decoupage is nice and easy to make. I prepared all the materials and offered my colleagues a free session. This day five of us together after a light meal, ready to go……
Wow, sweet snowman !
Rosina Wachtmeister's cats are gorgeous, Santorini is romantic and Santa Claus is festive for Christmas. All well done in an hour !
Here you see how they made it with the plain bags I sewn .
Put the glue on the bag and blow-dry it.

Then put on the napkin pattern.

Brushed layers of glue to cover the pattern.

After 3 layers of coating, (1 layer of coating is enough. Eva corrected me after that's done) all dried and finished. It's simple and easy. Girls enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to Eva who taught me this skill. Love to share other sorts of crafts later.

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