Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another experiment of nuno felt and "Treasure Box" 又一羊毛披肩實驗與 "月光寶盒"

A glowing box - I call it "Treasure Box" 我的 "月光寶盒"
First off I must thank my pottery studio tutor Choi Chi, she's the first one to give me a Christmas present - a Nuno Felt book - the one I'd been looking for. Great that I got it now. She read my mind. I started only a year the wool felt crafts and really addicted to it. Thank Choi Chi for lining up some classes for me that drive me to try many creations from simple pouch, brooch, needle felt to nuno felt.......
謝謝蔡芷送給我一本我想買的Nuno felt書 , 好開心收到第一份聖誕禮物, 好一個靈感泉源.

Today I finalised a nuno shawl. This will be a gift to a prominent lady L. Hope she loves it. This light piece can do variations, even good at a breezy summer night.
These boxes are new trials of nuno flowers on lids. No no no, the white cat is hair of my cat Mogi. Very soft and easy to felt.
See, the boxes with LED lamp inside. True light is better than pictures. Personally I find these the most beautiful I've ever made !!

These are some of my felt making reference books. Two from Choi Chi. Want to do this and that. I'm full in mind but with less time.

With the year drawing to the end, I wish you (thanks for reading !) a festive season.

Happy felting, happy crafting, happy........ whatever you wish...... ~.~


  1. Oh Terrie--Your new scarf is beautiful!! The colors are enchanting, and I know lady L will just love it!
    Your cat box is really adorable. I love that the fiber is cat fur!!
    Yes--I can imagine that the LED boxes just glow in natural light!
    You are making such lovely projects! Have a creative and wonderful holiday season, and joy-(and felt-) filled 2011!!!

  2. This is just stunning!
    What an amazing gift this can be..
    Happy Holidays!

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  4. Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog! I love what you are doing with nuno felt. It's really lovely, and looks so accomplished. Happy holidays to you and your family :o)
    x, Val

  5. Thank you all my dear, you're so sweet. Wish you happy holiday and another successful year.


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