Monday, November 1, 2010

Warm shawl for the loved ones 暖暖冬日羊毛圍巾

Weather forecast we'll have bitterly cold days this winter. It's autumn now and quite mild but let's brace for the chilly days ahead. Wrap our beloved ones with hand made shawls will certainly show our care and love ! My recent session of wool felt shawls, each student done her unique and pretty piece. 天文台預告今年的 冬天將會持續寒冷, 快快為自己為摯愛親手做羊毛圍巾喲. 我的學生就做了這些暖暖圍巾.
Letizia, the youngest girl of the class made the stripy one. 彤彤的條子
Ada was doing layering. The fluffy look is good.

This one by Cecilia, black and purple looks gorgeous.
Carol's idea of both ends with patterns is terrific.

Amy's colorful one cheers up the dull winter .

See how they're doing it........

Pretty Ada is proud to show off her piece. I love the style with fringes
Great works, girls.

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  1. oh wow I'm thinking of doing something like this with my scraps of wool that I tend to collect haha but those looked great!


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