Thursday, November 4, 2010

My book "Tiger's First Year" share with readers分享我的貓書 -貓貓喵噢第一年

Tiger, my gorgeous cat's now 3 years old. Almost an adult of 21-year old. His first year was really a GREAT fun for us, so I captured his naughty moments and published a book. The other day my niece Vicky said she saw the book in a public library. Yes, the municipal libaries bought a log. I 'm so delighted to share Tiger's fun with readers. My cat book extracts 很高興我的貓書在康文署圖書館有外借, 讓讀者分享Tiger的百厭反斗行為.
Humm....., sweet boy having a sweet dream.

Tiger used to be very energetic and curious. He screamed at night. He called us up every morning and answered the door.

"What time is it for my super?"

"Who's it? Is it Mum coming?"

"Hey, wake up, wak up for work. Oh, no, for my breakfast please."

Since Mogi, another guy come months ago, Tiger behaves like a big brother. He doesn't scream at night, no more hug, not much attached. Frankly I love the old days of Tiger but time flies like a baby growing up and wants to fly some day. For pets, we've to prepare they would leave us after some years. It's sad we should well prepare but treasure their happy moment.


  1. It is good that Tiger has Mogi to be with during the days when you are away at work. Two beautiful cats! Congratulations on your book in the library. What fun to see that!

  2. Mogi's back looks exactly like Oscar ! hehehe!
    Always safe & loving when no one's at home but you know that the little buddies is around you, make you feel safe. ;)

  3. Thanks Sandee and Loretta. Yes they're adorable.


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