Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birdie birdie are you ready? 我的 "停不鳥"

"Birdie birdie, are you ready? Fly and fly high ......up up to the sky."
These birdie pins I made would be giveaways . Friends always asked how come I got much time for so many stuff. Well, I also only have 24 hours but when I passionate about anything I'm really into it.

I made the birds with clay, colored the clays with underglaze, then highglazed and fired the biscuits. Needle felted wool and embellished with glass beads then glued with a metal pin. It goes well with a bag, a hat or a coat.

I've already done some gifts for Christmas, this is one of it. Hope my friends love all my handmade gifts made with love and heart.


  1. Super!
    Ceramics and felt - I love this combination :)

  2. I seem to enjoy all that you do!

  3. I love bird shapes, yours look great with the contrast of clay and felt. xx


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