Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3-D nuno felt flower entangled into wool 立體絲花羊毛袋制作

Had been trying to explore how to do 3-D nuno felt flower on wool felt surface, but got no info. Last week when I was in Shamshuipo wholesalers I got some free samples of silk pieces. Eagerly I did some experiments. I thought this is the way to do it though not sure if it's the proper way, it's easy. Love to share with you. This is my pouch with the 3-D nuno felted silk flower and tied with my own handmade ceramic leaf. I love this.

I got these pure silk sample pieces from the wholesaler. A fruitful "free shopping".
I cut the silk pieces, loose stitched it and pulled the thread to make the petal shapes, then put some wool in between.

Laid the wool and put the silk flower on it, then do the same steps of rubbing, fulling.... Success is to do some more throwing, the flower will be entangled firmly.
I'll try to do bags with this technique. Hope you enjoy it and would like give it a go.


  1. That is really beautiful and I've never seen such a technique before- thank you for showing us how you did it all, I'd love to experiment more with nuno felt. xx

  2. This pouch is perfect! The colors are so nice together! I also like the closure. I have been looking for a way to close a bag without any sewing, so this idea might be just what I was looking for! Thanks for sharing you work!

  3. Terrie,
    As always, you have such a amazing creations. What a technique!

  4. Ich genieße genau, wie Sie Ihr Niveau in ganz erhalten

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