Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our gorgeous - we wish you thriving and tough 心肝寶貝, 願你茁壯成長

My nephew Mathew's daughter Hei-hei. She's tough and won the battle.

The night two months ago my niece Rhoda called me in distress that her brother Mathew's 21-month old daughter Hei-hei was in hospital for liver failure and asked if I know any medication can rejuvenate it. I was shock to learn it. The failure was all in a sudden just a week when she got a flu and seen doctor. She has taken some medicine contained panadol. The virus or the side effects may have attacked her liver. I’ve no such medical knowledge and immediately called my pharmacy friend for advice. He said it’s a critical issue and the girl was in ICU and the consultant doctors were taking tender care of her. Let’s give the hands to doctors.
Next day the little girl was transferred to intensive care at Queen’s Mary Hospital where the liver treatment is renowned. She’s in coma with tubes and fatal. Doctor suggested to have liver transplant immediately. It’s critical and running against time. The siblings are bond and were tested for blood type and physical checks. Found daddy’s was compatible though fatty liver and it’s the only choice and can't wait. Time is life and transplant was immediately followed. Days after the operation the girl was still in coma and with some tubes. Concern was that she’s in coma for quite a long time, the brain may have impacts. Doctor can't do scanning at that moment. I can imagine how distress and worries the family was. I have concerns and worries about them but didn’t want to make many calls or visits which would be annoying. I prayed for them and sent to the family some flowers with words of wishes. A few days later, good news spread, the girl woke up and can recognize all family. Crying, smiling, scratching, pulling tubes…….. all such actions proved her brain is working. A big relief for all of us. Now almost 2 months she’s home running everywhere and on the path of getting well.

Daddy and the gorgeous. Sweetie you're getting well and have the brave to flight for the awful moment. We love you.I’ve been thinking of organ donation after my life. For some reasons I do not want to carry a donation card. After the case of our sweetie, I recognize how meaningful the act of donation. I‘ve filled out on-line the Centralised Organ Donation Register. This is a symbol of love and rekindles the hope of other people. Hope more people will act now. I wish our sweetie thriving and knows how GREAT her family and daddy are !!


  1. How scary for you all! I am so happy to hear she is doing ok now! Wow, life can turn so quickly on us. May your week go peaceful and full of good things!
    hugs my friend,

  2. How hard that must have been for all of you. What joyful news that the transplant worked and she is a warrior! What a beautiful warrior at that!
    Such good news. You will certainly be smiling on your commute this week!
    My husband and I carry donor cards as well.

  3. Thanks Salzanos and Sandee. Hei-hei is a gorgeous warrior. We wish her tough to brace.

  4. I understand the feeling of the anxiety and frustration that your family endured. Wonderful to hear she is doing ok. A big hug from me :)

  5. Thanks Melinda. Yes, it's encouraging.


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