Friday, October 29, 2010

My ceramic and living 我的陶瓷 - 生活一體

Since last year hooked with wool crafts and really into it, I almost have no time to do my ceramics. But it's my ever never given up hobby. These days I recalled some stuff and made a few pieces. My hubby helped me put a LED color changing lamp inside this shade. Color changes blue, purple, red, green...... Romantic at night !

My cat clock tells me time to wake up and have a cup of tea.

Just made these bowls and plates. My painting is not that good. Underglazing is typically difficult on clays. Shapes are intentionally made not full. I know I'm not following rules and always done on my way. I must thank for my pottery studio allowing me the flexible space and their tolerance for whatever I like.

I fond of lavender, poppies and always reminisced the good old days in Provence. Painted the plate of it.
One side of lavender, the downside is a funny face of a cat.
Bon Appetit!!

My breakfast - a bowl of porridge, pieces of home made cookies and a pot of tea.

Having a nice weekend !


  1. It's a good thing you don't follow the rules because I love your style! C'est tres beaux!

  2. Merci beaucoup ! Sandee, you're just being kind.

  3. Love the light with changing colors! and the Cat, and bowls! Good to see how you are doing Terrie! Have a great week!


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