Monday, October 25, 2010

Decoupage and bags of painting 我的手作袋子

Decoupage bags of napkin papers are very pretty. Why not make one of own painting? Today I painted a bag with acrylic. Acrylic paints are very good on canvas and washable.

Overseas friends know I like to do with crafts. They sent me some lovely napkin papers to do with decoupage. Brigitte gave me this famous cats painting of Rosina Wachtmeister
This flower from Jan

This cow pattern is from Ria. The strips are wet felt wool and the ceramic leave are my own handmade. This is a laser print transferred with sort of ointment.

I want to make bags all with DIY. I bought the cotton cloth and strips. Intentionally used the dark strips as white ones get obvious dirts easily.The plain bag made looks like this.
I brushed the ointment (Methyl Salicylate) on the back of the laser print. Put face down and scratched. The image then transferred permanently on the cloth surface. The effect looks a bit faded. Another look.

A napkin paper decoupage is more prettier. Color is shape and firm.
Have sewed eight pieces of big and small bags. Will do a few more decoupage.
Here in Hong Kong we can buy some stuff at very cheap price. A bag like this may only cost USD1. Sometimes I fed up for how much effort I put on it. However something of own handmade and one of it's kind gives me a sense of satisfaction. If my friends appreciate it I'd be most happy to give away.


  1. It's wonderful to turn something plain and simple into a work of art. I love homemade bags! Yours are very nice!!!

  2. Hi Terrie,

    I agreed with you about putting so much care and effort and the cost is not even close to it. What matters most is it display all the love and care from the crafter. I love the cows...mooo

  3. Thank Sandee and Melinda. Your words are encouraging and sweet. That's what we anticipate to hear. I'll do more and more just to give away....


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