Friday, August 27, 2010

Who broke my .........

Mogi asked "What's up?" and Tiger said "I was sleeping."
Who has broken my ......... not heart but my own made ceramic mugs.
Obviously it’s done by cats . Tiger or Mogi did it? No idea. Most likely it’s Mogi as he’s the new comer and just able to jump up the bench and scratches the magnets on the fridge. Probably when he scratched the magnets his limbs pulled all mugs down the floor.
The mugs are roughly made, not that pity but I was in a hurry to office after clean up. I didn’t blame them and quite tolerated.
I just asked them "who’s the naughty boy ?" Wordless, sigh !
Sweet boy, you’re spoilt ! Who wants to punish you?

Former look of the mugs


  1. What cute cats! This is what happens when you have cats! We have had plenty of things smashed and broken - Merlin likes to break lamps!

  2. OOOOOO Naughty little kitties, if they had gotten your wool at least you could have fixed it, they did make a mess though didnt they lol

    but how can you stay mad :))

  3. Cat slaves said "it's not the kitties' fault, it's you not safe keep your stuff". haha...

  4. Ahhh, they look so innocent, don't they?

  5. Oh dear, what lovely mugs---no problem as this give you an opportunity to make new ones. That's creation. :)

  6. Oh your Mogi is so beautiful, I just want to stroke him! And Tiger too, cats always seem to make such a mess - Archie's only broken a couple of things so far and that was jumping up and down at the window trying to catch a fly and he landed on my dishes - he runs off with felt too - he's really obsessed with it - our other cat never even looked at it! xx

  7. I finally found it's done by Tiger ashe also seen something outside the curtain and wanted to grasp it. We're slaves and they're spoilt !


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