Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lovely weekend

After torrential rain, sunny days again last weekend. It’s rare these days we have blue skies and clear air. Far distance was visible. Sunday morning I took a walk around Stanley to have a vivid view over the beaches.
Chung Hom Kok beach is jade clear. Though in the hot summer there’re not many people. The bay near Tai Tam Tuk is peaceful. A few boats formed the tranquility. Over the weekend I made a needle felted Scottish Terrier and two bracelets of mixed media with chain & my felted wool stripe. Bracelet pendant bought from Shamshuipo. Necklace pendant is enamel I made. I name it "Amended Broken Heart". The ceramic little girl and a Terrier. I made this little doll in the pottery studio then made a felted hat on it.


  1. What beautiful photos! Rains are so purifying. That beach makes me want to dive right into the water.

  2. Nice photos ^0^
    The beach is so peaceful!


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