Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wool felt workshops

Ran a few felt making workshops these days. It's really enjoyable to share with people who're also interested in this kind of craft. See how they're doing it.

Amy's doing the laying. After an hour, wondering sheep coming out.

They're making flower brooches.

Hey, see the finished brooch. It goes well.


  1. in felting it is hard to do it wrong, hihihi Your students ahd a great teacher the results are beautyfull!!

  2. Love the pictures and kids doing a craft like felting! We all need good teachers like you to keep arts alive and growing in our world. I am so happy to see your updates on your blog!

    For years I raised sheep of many breeds for their hair. We learned to felt, spin, weave and use it for doll hair. We also learned that felted wool mats are the BEST product for oil spill clean ups. Here in USA we have one off coast that I sure wish someone would tell them how much natural wool would float on water and suck up the oil. Good for oil spills at home too.
    Keep teaching and showing us what you are doing!

    your friend in USA,

  3. I love your felting! I wish I was closer and I would take a class. I was in Hong Kong in 2007 and it is one place that I would like to go back to. You have a wonderful city. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Brenda and Judy. You're just being kind. We're in Hong Kong do not have sheep but I do like it and love doing crafts with fleece. Will definitely spread out the wonderful creation with it.


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