Monday, May 24, 2010

New member of the family

All to my surprise, my daughter Jasmine bought a Chinchilla kitten without letting me know beforehand. She called him Mogi, now 2 months old. We’ve already a 3-year BTS Tiger, he’s a gorgeous and naughty boy. We adore him very much. He’s the king of the family. I told Jasmine we already have Tiger, he brings us laugh and fun. It’s no good to have one more pet. I asked Jasmine if she still love Tiger. She said she wanted to have Mogi it doesn’t mean she didn’t love Tiger anymore. Just like parents already have a son they want to have another baby doesn’t mean they don’t love the first one any more.

Well, last Fri, she brought Mogi home. We put him temporarily in Tiger’s cage for separation. Tiger’s angry, hostile and stares at Mogi. We dare not let them closer and have to see how it goes on.

Mogi is adorable, curious and wants to play whenever he’s allowed to run around. We love both Tiger and Mogi.


知道會有第二隻寵物時 ,我問Jasmine是否不愛家中已3歲的英短Tiger,Tiger實在已很可愛,每日帶給我們歡樂,我不想分薄他的愛。Jasmine說不是那回事,她仍是很疼Tiger的。正如父母生下第一個孩子,他很快樂的成長,父母決定要第二名孩子,那並不表示父母不愛第一個孩子。 前天Mogi進駐了Tiger的家,Tiger第一眼已經很敵對,籠子、玩具被佔用了,有點兒失落,我們安撫Tiger並不時分隔他們,幾天後待他們融和才讓他們接近。Mogi很活潑,實在又很可愛,我們會對他及Tiger一樣疼愛。


  1. Mogi is adorable! My grandmother used to raised the silver chinchilla Persians. She died many years ago, but I still remember her special "cattery". Where she was well known for gorgeous cats of purebred lines. Your little one is beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful kitten! We had a dog who hated cats then I decided to get a cat. We would keep the dog tied up and walk her by the cat. When she tried to go after the cat, we scolded her. When she tolerated the cat, we gave her treats. Little by little, they were able to live together and tolerate one another. The introduction period did take awhile. We made sure to give our dog plenty of love and attention throughout the whole process. Good luck!

  3. Thanks all. Tiger is still very angry for the stranger Mogi. I'll see how they're going.


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