Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trip to Fujian Tulou 福建土樓

Just back from a 5-day trip to Xiamen and Fujian. Arrived Xiamen on 21 Feb with Alicia by flight from HK. City of Xiamen is clean and traffic network is quite well. Our main focus were seeing Gulanyu 鼓浪嶼 and Fujian Tulou 福建土樓 . From down town to Tianluokeng Tulou cluster 田螺坑土樓群
is about 3.5 hours coach ride, so we stayed overnight for a leisure tour.

Tulou wording means "earthen building". In 2008 UNESCO granted Fujian Hakka Tulous "World Heritage". Some tulous are more than 700 years old, They are retangular or circular with communal living and defensive organisation. Origins were living by clans. Some tulous even have rooms up to 300.

Surrounding is scenic with typical villages, bridge over creek and people washing by the river. Culture and life of people sounds peaceful and contented.

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  1. Interesting place, I like the peace and serenity. Must check it out.Thanks for sharing


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