Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Tiger's gorgeous. Why not make something with our loved one ? Idea of using his hair come up since fond of felting. I comb his hair every other day. With only a small amount like a cotton ball, I mixed his hair with merino wool and do the same steps of wet felting. I usually make a pre-felted cat outline then stitch on the object. Shown friends my stuffs made with Tiger's hair. Some found it weird, some found it a good idea. It's pretty good indeed. I love it. Sandy has four cats, among two are long hair. She loves my idea and I commissioned to make something with her ChinChin and Popeye. Here created a vessel, a jewelry box and a bracelet. Put a LED lamp inside the vessel is another look. 羊毛可以做的工藝, 可愛的貓貓毛毛都可以做到哩 !


  1. great idea!! I have had this queston from someone 2 years ago, if it was possible to felt with dogs hair.... yes when mixed with wool, sure. I think she forgotten all about it, hihihihi

  2. Thanks Kim, yes dogs hair can also be felted. The neck and belly's are more soft I suppose.


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