Friday, September 23, 2016

Eco-printing workshop 植物印染工作坊

 Invited by a community project leader, we've a workshop of natural printing organised in Sep.  The 2-day workshop started with the intro from basic to the delicate printing techniques.  With some rusty nails, vinegar and water we made the iron solution then fun going on......
 Lots of laughs and fun filled in the spacious studio.

 My impromtus demo in the workshop

 Student's composition with various plants

 The two-in-one sample to make prints on mordant cotton and linen.

First session with soft prints on chiffon and skills of tie dyes

 Mirror prints on silk

 Rose leaf and euc silver dollar are never wrong on silk

 Prints on mordant cotton

 Assorted euc and sumac with mordant technique for the different outcome

 Shades of euc silver dollar with iron and alum mordant

 The most impressive for me is prints of sumac on this linen napkin. Just love the shades.

The organiser "2-Woo" is energetic, humous and creative.
The first time she encountered this sort of botanical imprints she already done beautiful prints on her used garments with artistic outcome.
The gown with soft yellow tone of alum mordant
The fall looks of prints on linen, cotton, silk and chiffon with different mordant.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Natural prints tutorial 天然印染教材

 A DIY purse simply with leaves gathered in my area and printed on both sides with different contact prints skills. Here my cat Mogi shows this side.

 Fabric of the purse is woollen and strap is cotton with iron prints. 

 Woollen given by Nicola Brown.  It's so soft and prints so well.  No wonder Mogi likes it as pillow.

 Layout with euc,  Lagerstroemia Indica, casaurina and cones to make shades.Then bundle boiled for an hour and plants pigments released on fabric

Whichever you call it, my contact prints or natural prints are all from natural resources. With my step by step tutorial started with mordants making it's easy to create unique fabric art with shades and variations.
The instant download pdf tutorial is available in my ETSY shop, English version and Russian version.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Multi-style natural printed skirt and top 植物染服飾配搭

 Some of my natural printed fabrics among those beautiful ones we students learnt in Spain  workshop (Textiles con Alma by Irit Dulman and Revital Avidar) are now turned into wearable.

The light silk jersey printed with chestnut leaves is tube width.  Just sewed rubber band on waist line with cotton lining which also natural printed.  That's it. A simple skirt is made.

Simply a tube top tied with a logwood dyed scarf or a skirt goes with the same tone top printed with guava leaves.

 I also made a logwood dyed top with eucalyptus prints.
Simply a rustic Chinoiserie look.
 Front & Back of the skirt.  Just love the tube width silk jersey, easy to sew. That's the idea from Irit. 

 The Chinoiserie rustic top with hand weaved knots and lining all are natural dyed and printed. The image of deep purple is more the actual color.
The master, Irit Dulman's techniques are incredible. Just with all the natural resources can make the colorful shades. The wonderful skill of making darker background with bright prints is marvellous. That's why I'm so addicted in experiments and exploring. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ethnic Costume from nature 鄉土服製作靈感

In order to find some leaves for my project of ethnic costume with Heritage Museum, I gathered some plants for the fabric prints. The fisherman costume made with plants prints and indigo designed with modern touch.   
近日為博物館的 鄉土服飾設計四出撿拾葉子製作,時而踩著單車輕鬆的沿吐露港踏至大美督,這周六與幹勁十足的隊午踩上40多公里的新界北,錦田至天水圍,穿過大道,村莊小巷,好一個文物古蹟遊。隨身心收獲,每次總會撿拾幾片葉子實驗,寓創新於運動。

Sneak peek of a series of ethnic costume I made
. Green from indigo and turmeric, leaves prints from eucalyptus.
 I still wanted to do a few more of the series,  these days I went with a bike along the coastal to pick some windfalls........

I enjoy being alone for biking. Stop to pick some windfalls and admire the views whenever I like. 

Our undulating mountains are stunning. Weekdays are quiet and less traffic.

 It's a cloudy day in the morning.
  Unfortunately in the afternoon it's pouring.  I couldn't make my way back and have to hire a van back to the bike station.

 Recently I joined a team riding on Saturdays.  A dynamic team mostly riding in the New Territories.
We're a team not only for the physical exercise but also a cultural riding.  We passed by the fields and twisted roads.  
 Visited the indigenous villages

The well conserved temple
 Alley with sculptured wall art

 Viewed the ancient houses of indigenous

 It stands still as it's hundred years ago

 The oldest pawn in the area

 In the mid of our 40+ km riding
The team is well equipped. Even got a flat tire they can fix it immediately

 I like to follow the team as they well care each other

 While the team was fixing the tyre I got some plants on the road side. A "hat-full" leaves for my experiments.

Almost every time after biking I got some plants. These were edible from Estella.   Prints with technique learnt from Irit Dulman.  Detail of the prints already made into garment.
Shortly a series of different ethnic costume will be shown.  Stay tuned.
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