Sunday, May 29, 2016

Journey heading ....with my super model friends 継續法國旅程

I continue my journey in Europe in Pergignan, France visiting friends Brigitte and Helene. Helene is a super model to demo my natural printed garments made in Irit Dulman and Revital Avidar's workshop in Spain.
在法國南部地中海城市 Perpignan 與友人Brigitte 及 Helene會合,這裡継續歐洲旅程,超模 Helene穿上我在西班牙做的時裝比我表現得更合身亮麗!  
To start my fantastic holiday in France with good friends and show more photos of my outfits on the pretty model. The photos speak themselves how my garments look!
A plain dress of indigo dye and leaf prints direct from leaves.  All natural printed and dyed.
A style with a belt on, stylish!

My natural printed scarf with big chestnut leaf and indigo dyed
Another outfit with natural leaf prints and bottom dyed in weld, yellow shade.
Helene's cat Maya is looking at super model !
The outfit fits me and the model as well as the silk jersey is eleastic fabric.
Super model Helene and me, the garment maker.
I would say the dress fits my model friend more beautiful then me (left picture).
My good friends Brigitte and Helene. We are all in natural printed outfits. 
Thank you for Helene and Brigitte's hosting. Next blog will be some more about my travel in the town of south France.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Workshop in Spain 西班牙工作坊

My Eco prints and garments workshop in Azanza, Spain just completed. The amazing prints of the local leaves are so impressive.  Without the know how from brilliant Irit Dulman for the botanical imprints and fashion maker Revital Avidar's design ideas I could not have made the beautiful prints and garments.
在西班牙村莊的課程完結了,我們13位來自11個國家地區的學生從採拾當地葉子到印染自己設計的布料,再而製作成合身獨特的成衣,這學習過程感謝兩位以色列植物印染藝術家 Irit Dulman及時裝設計師 Revital Avidar 的教授,我在這優美山區小村完成了多件成衣及布料。我滿載豐富的離開小村莊,今天繼續行程回到巴塞隆拿然後前往法國 Perpignan 享受餘下旅程.......

The new techniques of natural prints with plants are so variable.

I'm very happy with the chestnut leaf marks. Unbundling is always so exciting.

We learnt the skills of natural dyeing as well. Fabrics in the sun waiting for our next creation.

After a few samples done, we started to make the big pieces for garments making.

I love the prints on  silk jersey.
These pieces will be another project when I get home.
During these days I have made two dresses, one top, a skirt and many sample prints with different plants.

I am pleased with my garments with a few leaves

All these are made in the Basque casa in Azanza, Spain .  Such lovely memories to have made these garments with the local plants.

Thank you Irit Dulman, you're gorgeous.

Thank you Revital Avidar, you are brilliant. With you both we made unique garment with own printed fabrics. 

This workshop brought us a close network.  A group of 13 participants from 11 countries/regions. It made us a wonderful creation journey.

The workshop closed and I left the village with new skills and nice memories with lovely ladies.

We grasped the last moment for a view of the village before next journey.
I am heading to France for a week before returning home. That will be another reunion with good friends.  Anticipating our get together in 24 hours.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Days in Spain 3 西班牙之旅

In the mid of our workshop in the village of Azana, we took a ride to the town centre Pamplona for a tour and dinner. The town is renowned for the annual bulls tracing in July. We walked along the avenues, the square, the TownHall and view of the city.
西班牙課堂中段我們眾人往市區內遊覧,這城市 Pamplona就是每年舉行奔牛節的地區,在街道上逛逛,嚐美食。這幾天做了很多試品,每件不同的效果與變化,也把製作完成,好漂亮獨特的。稍後更多圖片展示.......

It's Sat evening, tourists and locals enjoying in the long sunlight 

In the ring of the town centre where the Tracing Bulls taking place annual

We had a great time mingling......

Good taste of happy hour drinks

.....and nice dinner in a decent restaurant

The next day an expert from France showing us a new way of mordant

While my printed silk fabric drying in the air I am already into a big project of making another garment with prints

Cutting on my own indigo dyed silk for the dress making 

My sketch of design

Almost done...... Yes, have already DONE three pieces of pretty garments. Details to show next.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Days in Spain 2 西班牙之旅

What am I doing these days? Well, a group of us from Israel, Agentina, Germany, Belgium U.K., Brazil, USA, Russian, Spain....all together making our dreams coming true. This is the village Alzana in the north of Spain. We will be learning from the masters Irit Dulman and Revital Avidar for making textiles into garments. We immerse in the tranquil village in the mountain. Cool in the morning I grasped to walk around listening to the birds singing and the cows meowing with bells.
老遠跑到西班牙山區就是我們十多位來自不同地區的的纎維藝術創作人的追求夢想,這幾天沉醉於寧靜環境中學習時而走上山頭採植物,聽鳥鳴及牛群吃草頸上牛鈴聲,在這氛圍中追隨兩位來自以色列的植物印染與時裝設計師 ,我們的夢想一一實現.........

The washed stones with blooming flowers in the early summer
The house where we are staying and learning just like a castle, spacious and fine decorated.
As this is a textile creation workshop with natural resources, we went to collect weeds and plants around for own use.

After teacher's explanation and sample showed, we started experiments........
From indigo dye to colourful prints.......
Opened my bundle and inspected by master Irit

Samples done for next project

My pieces of different techniques
I love the clear prints with dark background

While doing the natural prints we're designing our patterns for the garments to make with own printed fabrics.

Teacher's samples are just gorgeous. I have in mind what to make but still have lots to learn. It's just in the mid of the class, I'm so excited for all the new techniques learnt and the people around are so nice.  Such a great ambiance of learning and relaxing. More to come........

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