Friday, July 3, 2015

Natural color extraction experiment 天然色素試驗畫作

I wanted to test color extraction from natural materials. These are grey blue, purple and yellow.  
祗是三種天然物質作出的鮮明色調,  馬藍葉的灰藍與綠, 胭脂蟲的紫及姜黃粉的黃. 把馬藍葉子剪碎加石灰粉, 胭脂蟲晶體加明礬,姜黃粉加明礬, 各樣都要用溫水稀爛做出顏色塗上布料上, 在鍋上煮25分鐘, 數天後浸醋水定色, 雖然這不是最正確提取布畫顏料的方法, 但不防可作天然染料的來源.

 All from Strobilantes for grey blue, Cochineal for purple and yellow from Turmeric
 I chopped a few Strobilantes (馬藍葉) leaves. Poured 3 spoons of warm water, after a few hours fermentation then added little lime. Stirred to get oxygen to make the grey blue.
 Pink is from crushed Cochineal,  mixed with hot water and little alum.
 Yellow is from Turmeric mixed with hot water and alum.
 Here are the clear images of the color sources..... Green leaves of Strobilantes.
Crystal of Cochinel before crushed
 Turmeric powder
 After a few hours fermentation the indigo is getting blue, the Cochineal becomes purple immediately with warm water
 I used a brush to dip some indigo extraction for the mountain on the silk fabric.....
 from Cochineal extraction to brush the purple lavender field....
 After a few brushes of grey blue from indigo, I wiped with the fresh Strobilantes for the green,  
 Mogi doesn't like much the outcome
 Two days later I tested the colorfast by soaking into water.  Too came out. So I colored again and bundled to steam for 25 minutes to fix the color.
 Washed and no breeding but Mogi seems do not approve it.
 Now  I know when heated the colors are fixed.

So I painted with cochinael for flowers and indigo for stems on the same fabric.
               After steamed for a while color fixed.  Know this is not a proper way to color silk but no harm for the trial with all natural colors.
A few days later I soaked the fabric in vinegar water to further fix the color.  It works.
 Talking about Strobilantes, it's strange ........ When I wrapped the frozen leaves on the fabric it's breeding with grey blue in room temperature.........
 But...... after heated it becomes purple / pink.   It's fun to play with natural color from plants. I will do some more experiments with this sort of leaves.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Eclectic Natural Printed dress 個人獨特裙子

It's a sunny summer day. 
Go natural, be myself.......
in a stable, greeting by the horse in a beautiful day...........

Not in a fashion trend but eclectic is my way. The day in a natural wrap with my own eco printed/ dyed "experiments". Having a good day in the north of the territories........

I've done lots of natural experiments with fabrics in many ways. To make use of my various scraps, I designed a simple loose dress just with a few panels, the front & back of botanical imprinted silk, two sides with turmeric dyed chiffon. Cut both down sides of the chiffon to sew the scraps of botanical imprinted silk. 
While I was thinking the next step, Mogi grabbed it for a nap......
   It's done, shoulders with folds, waist with strips. 

This is eclectic dress, either can be front or back but with different styles.
Tie the waist side strips to make ruffles movement.
With the loop and the twisted knot, wrap around to have folds in the front.
Such easy and simple to make a free size loose dress, I made without measurement. I'm no good in measurement or calculation but only done in instrict. Since I was a teenage my father bought me a Singer sewing machine which costed him a month's salary. He loved all of us. Today I have my hands to print, to make my own dress all credited to my beloved father.  He's in the Heaven I hope he knows I'm happy with the talent he gifted me. 
Thinking of him on Father's Day today.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Refurbished vintage chair 翻修舊椅子

Come in, have some tea please .....
A chair almost in the waste disposal but I turned it into sort of vintage chair in my sanctuary.
 The day I passed by the waste bin near my urban block, I saw this used small chair but the wood is heavy and sturdy.  Only a tiny crack and paint off.  It is such a waste let it go disposed.

Clicked my mind to take it home and do something to keep it mine.
 I washed the chair and took out a fabric I printed in Vancouver with euc and maples.
With Paverpol technique learnt from Sharon G.,  I dipped the fabric into the Paverpol fabric hardener then covered the chair surface and the back.  This way is kind of decoupage I used Paverpol instead of Mod Poge.

 Made it flat and smooth just in a few minutes.  Let dry.  That's it.  A piece of "vintage" furniture with natural prints. 
 Sounds Mogi approves it !
 Another piece of furniture for my use.  Be it a stand for plants.....
 A stand for light tea .......

 A chair for corner reading or a chair to show my works 

Now this little chair is in my suburb studio by my side

 A look of the "Before and After"

 The normal size chair and the refurbished one
I like to do up cycling whenever possible. The ladder (last post)  and the rack (last post) were also refurbished and now proudly stand in my place.
Make something durable, longer usage, make the earth healthy.......... 
These days I'm not in good form and staying in my studio, a few miles away from home,  for a few days isolation as I do not want to spread flu virus.
 My sanctuary has lots of my own made stuff from ceramics, paintings to wool felt.....  I really enjoy the tiny studio of my own.
 Just a few minutes walk is the sea. These days the skies particularly blue with clouds.

Mogi, do you miss me?

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