Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DIY natural printed backpack 植物印染背包

I have a very good colleague who likes playing ping pong.  She knows I am doing natural prints and asked if I can make her a backpack carrying racket and small stuff.  I promised long ago but just figured out how to make one to my best skill.  I took out a few sample swatches printed a year ago for my tutorial sample shots.  Those wool flannel prints are fine to make the backpack which looks firm. This is the finished gift I made.

The main part of the backpack is of cats.  I called it the "cat whispers".  I intended to make them close but can't express well and only made the silhouette.
 I cut the cat shapes on the leaves with iron mordant.
Composition mainly of casaurina and a few silver dollar euc for the red hearts.
The other piece I also laid the leaves with cat silhouette. Prints are not that good for the formerly planned table runner.  Thus it's sewed for the backpack.

Flap prints with Lagerstroemia indica and casaurina.  Enclosed with magnet.
With all parts formed together, thought they're fine and almost saved every single piece of the swatches.

The back prints mainly of euc and rose leaves with yellow little onion skins. Swatch prints making are available in my ETSY, my first pdf tutorial.  As prints on wool flannel take up  bold and strong.  It doesn't need pre-mordant. That's the simple and easy way to do animal protein fabrics.

  1. Inside  pocket is another piece of wool flannel little prints then dipped in indigo.  Opening with punched eyes for the draw string and handle sewed with stuffed fabric scraps  as well the flap with magnet close.

The backpack will be on my way to Toronto in the hands of my good colleague in Sept.  Wish she would like it.

Friday, May 19, 2017

New prints from bike ride 單車騎行之創作

Leisure, sports and creation all make my days fabulous. This botanical imprints on the silk scarf just done after the ride with bike team this week.
 I must thank for the guys who're so kind to explore biking routes and their patience waiting for my windfalls picking.
能夠把興趣、運動及創作混為一體是最好不過的活動,很多時要感謝的是我的單車隊友,他們發掘新路線,我尢其喜歡鄉間小路、魚塘花徑。這日騎行至皇崗口岸香港邊介,途經河邊撿拾葉子花托,回家馬上製作實驗,很有效果的植物印。多得隊友們耐心等候我拾葉影相,能夠與我同行創新路 - 我愛單車騎行!
That day we went to the Hong Kong / China boundary for a closer look of the China zone. 


It's such a leisure ride in the bush

The northern part of Hong Kong is vast with greenery lush and water. Ponds with lilly and wetland with assorted plants.

Just passed by a river I saw this kind of flowers and found lots of the receptacles on the ground.
Curiosity brought me home to do the experiments
Back home with handful leaves and own coreopsis I immediately done the boiling prints.

After an hour boiling the imprints of leaves done on the silk scarf with resist prints from mulberry leaf.
I know the receptacle may not have color so I inserted the coreopsis in the centre of  receptacle.  It works.  From the image above you will see the "Before & After". Orange from the dried eucalyptus, green from the plant picked on bike ride.
A day out of bike ride made me a happy day of the new species experiment.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My 2nd natural prints tutorial published and listed 第二輯植物印染教材發行

Since years ago I encountered eco-printing I have been doing lots experiments to explore the bounty of nature. My first edition of the tutorial  is hot-selling.  It's the basic introduction yet fabulous shades can be achieved.  Many people asked for the sharing of my next level creation which they find amazing with shapes and shades. During my way of eco printing I would define my works into three levels - the first basic with colors, the 2nd with control shades and the next is still in own exploration.

Mogi and I are glad to announce the release of my  2nd copy of eco prints instant download tutorial.  This e-book shows how to make enhancement of eco prints with all natural resources. 

Features of the tutorial with over 200 images of process and samples :
~ Simple mordant making apply on silk, wool, cotton, linen and paper
~ Control clear prints, background shades or outlines of plants
~ Make mirror prints on two different fabrics in one go
To start with the e-book it's the prints of rose petals, rose leaf and eucalyptus.......

With my way of working ...... fabulous contact prints on silk, wool, cotton, linen and paper can be achieved.

Prints with outlines and colors on cotton or even colors on papers can be done.

To make art journal with own natural printed paper with cover that will be a poetry souvenir.

This is how I walk through my way of natural printing.
You will find my tutorial easy to follow and inspiring.  Here's the instant download tutorial link on my  shop ETSY TerLing Creations

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eco printing of flowers and blouse making 植物印染襯衣製作

                        Mogi approves the making of a blouse with natural prints.

 He always occupies any stuff.  Just after the composition of the panels.....
with his legs and flapping tail....... no worries I can make a blouse easily just sewing the panels.

 Lately I like to experiment with seasonal flowers.  Whatever I picked on the ground I tested it even the white flowers I tried to make the shapes.  So lots of panels made.

With appropriate mordant and natural extracts I done some prints. 

Don't just to keep in the stash but make something with the panels. 
In a few hours I sewed the loose blouse.

With the minimum cutting of neck hole and simple design, top with three double folded panels and down with back & front two panels.  Sewed both sides for the waist and folds on bottom then with draw string on one side and other end with a knot.

Voila..... a blouse is made with all sides look

A simple blouse is made without measurement.  I intended to make it a free size just want to find a Cinderella.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Laidback creation of contact prints 遊走大自然創作

 Friends asked how I was up to.  I said same old, laidback and enjoying my creation while riding or hiking with my energetic teams.  Over the two weeks life was brimming with  activities and got inspired by nature. Love my biking team I got chances of riding in the village lanes, along the fish ponds and my hiking teams over the region mountains.
  朋友問候近來可好 ? 我說還不是山上走 ,地上跑, 好享受的遊走自由創作, 這兩周跟著隊伍兩輛子在大嶼山、元朗 、 深圳福田騎行、 在西貢山頭遠足。 這些野外活動豐富了創意 ,復活節假期與友共聚及工作坊教學, 總結這兩星期近況 。
 That day with the team we took ferry crossed the channel  to Lantau island for the Tung O  Ancient Path (東澳古道) riding.
A tough ride on the stoned trail at the beginning. 
A break for the view of the infrastructure being built over the sea.  The crossing bridge to Macau and China that will make us closer.

We're the dynamic team with leader and members care each other. We're not for the speed racing but keen on exploring new routes,  fish ponds, ancient temples and into indigenous villages.  
My friends overseas may have the instinct that we're in the cement forest only with high rises but just in a stone's throw we're surrounded by greenery and stunning nature.
The fish pond in Yuen Long is one of my fav spots.
I can be a solo rider but with a team we can explore the region following the leader and the guide who know well the routes.

This day I joined other team for the off shore riding in Futian (福田) China. We took the train to the border.
 In the train we've to dismantle the front wheel. Getting into China for the riding is quite a tough activity.  We need to go through two customs and dismantle then fix the wheel. Too heavy to carry the bike for a tiny woman like me.
We intended to ride about 50-60km along the mangrove forest into the boulevard by the sea but only into the entrance of the mangrove area we found the road was blocked due to too many bikes during those holidays.  Shame that we have returned Hong Kong.
Back to Hong Kong border we cycled a while in Lo Wu (羅湖), along the water pipes  supplying from China......
and doing exercise of riding on slope.
Indeed this is the part in Futian, China where we intended to do cycling.
I was a bit disappointed for not allowed to enter on that day.
Days later I took the chance of meeting friends in Shenzhen and went to see how this area looks.

It's quite a broad road good for cycling and strolling with views both China and Hong Kong
In a  short distance is the bridge over the bay of Shenzhen across Hong Kong

In Shenzhen we met Christine and Rod who came from Australia for a China Tai Chi and cultural trip. A jaunt with our friends in a restaurant to catch up before they left for airport in two hours.

Back to Hong Kong, hiking was another activity for my soul and mind. We went up the mountain in Sai Kung (西貢) with the stunning view of Po Toi O (布袋澳).
The outing in Shenzhen and Hong Kong I got inspired by the casaurina and the leaf with red side on the back (Xcoecaria cochinchinensis 紅背桂)
Immediately that night back home I already done the experiment with the layout with inspiration of the water in Futain.

The red back leaf outcome is not red, just brown.  Anyway it's an experiment.

Another experiment with the leaves and casaurina I laid on this silk with the Tibouchina urvilleana (野牡丹). Purple is nice outcome.

The last day of the long Easter holiday wrapped up with a workshop for the eco prints and nuno felt fashion. I taught the students who like simply prints thus a little leaves were used.

Each made different styles of the fabric printed.  Simplicity is our belief - clean and clear.

Eco printing is such a nice creation. Sometimes unexpected but sometimes you can control it with proper placement and mordant. These samples of fashion I am going to teach in BC Vancouver Island, Canada is fusion of fibre and fabric with flora.
 Eco printing is sky limit. You can get inspired from nature.  Any leaf except those toxic you can do with.  Without needle or thread, a seamless tunic and multi-styled vest/scarf are made.
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