Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Pine imprints collection and conclusion 針松印染

Since returned from Irit Dulman's workshp of Casaurina (馬尾松) imprints for 2 weeks,  almost everyday Ive been doing experiments with our local pines. Now that I find my conclusion on different fabrics for my own ref. 
這兩星期做了一系列的針松印染實驗, 本地的馬尾松條子不什粗大 , 印在絲料上不大實色, 但在羊毛呢絨上很清晰, 可印出簡潔色調, 日後我會做更多研究.
The coat I made in Israel fits me and my daughter.  Yesterday we're supposed to take outdoor shots.  I like the vivid green or beach shots with my creations.  Too bad it's raining.  No way just took a few in the corner of my urban apartment.

Casaurina pines of Israel are very strong, bold and longer.  The layout on the coat is prefect.  No doubt it's under brilliant Irit Dulman's guidance.  It suits my girl well.

This was also done in Israel. Prints on silk jersey drapes well.
 This is also done in Israel with Casaurina and Camomile on silk jersey.
Found our local Casaurina, I tried silk fabric with Camomile from Israel. Pine lines only soft but good that Camomile gave sharp yellow (last blog post of making)
(Regionalism please excuse me, I brought only a few sample for experiment!) 

This is silk chiffon, I laid pines, overlap bundled and boiled in dye pot with turmeric. Looks too much for the overlapped prints.

Still good for styles

This is silk chiffon, I laid little pines, bundled and boiled in dye pot with logwood chips. Of last experiment of overlapped prints, I can control to put only little pines and leave blank and clean.
(last blog post of making)
It's a 2-yd silk chiffon,  ways of wrapping.
Well, less is more, I just laid very little pines on the "boiled wool" with few bits of euc. (last blog post of making) 
Simply a wrap...
or wrap it a skirt.
Of all the fabrics with pines I love most on boiled wool.
I bought a cotton top less than 1 euro, put two large Castor leaves with a few pines and little onion skins, boiled in logwood dye pot.
Leaves and pines are bold but onion brown not much on cotton
I tried pines on wool felt.  Made a purse with Finn and Icelandic fleece.
Pines on wool felt are not as sharp as on "boiled wool" but still visible.
The day I strolled along the promenade of Tel Aviv, I picked a few stones on the beach .  I made a zipper chain with a stone as embellishment.

Intended to make a face but the pines are not strong.

Another experiments with a kind of unknown leaves and a few pines on silk.  
I made a tote bag with my handmade ceramic button.

Another tote bag with assorted euc leaves and a few banyan tree air root. This is not related to pines but found banyan tree air roots may have lines effect with iron mordant.

The cotton T formerly dyed in onion pot with assorted euc and rose leaves but not visible.  Redone with a few pines and two Castor leaves to bring out grey pattern.  My daughter said the T color is urgly just like a site worker's T, too muddy (好似泥工件衫喎!).  

I put her another one, I said this one is hand stitched by granny.  She's surprised and said it's pretty.  Indeed this is the second blouse my mother hand stitched.

Last year I gave my mother a cotton fabric with my natural prints and asked her to cut it a T shape then running stitches along both waist lines and shoulders.  She made it and I finally sewed by machine and lined the necklace and arms.  That's simple for me but my mother is 85 years old.  She always said she's no use but I console her she's still mighty.
This is the blouse my mother made and my daughter showed in style. 

Mother and daughter, we both dressed the blouses my mother made.  
My conclusion of our local pine prints on fabrics is best for "boiled wool" and silk jersey. For my own making of this series I usually do not have mordant on fabrics but pine leaves are iron mordant and placed on damp fabrics.  An hour boiling is more than enough.

When my girl was little I used to make her dresses but my mother seldom made for me. 
 Now I'm old she made me. I'll cherish it.
The three generations demo in natural prints.

My facebook page new readers please feel free to browse.

This video Irit Dulman reveals her secret of Casaurina prints is amazing. Thanks for her generosity of sharing.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another pine imprints 又是針葉印染

To my surprise, the pine imprints on the "boiled wool" is amazing. 
Ever since I returned from Irit Dulman's workshop I almost addicted to pine prints. However not all pines are doable.  The other day I strolled with my mother in her area I found a pine tree growing in the crack of the river bank, I picked a little as well some other unknown leaves and a little cypress for experiment.
There're lots of pine trees in Hong Kong but some are too tall to pick, this one is small and easy to reach.

When I back home, couldn't wait to test the leaves.  I've no idea of this bush that gives bold and strong prints.  Believe it's rich in tannin.

I made a small piece sample test on "boiled wool" with the pines and the "unknown leaves" .

Also test on a silk fabric.  Outcome on silk is good but the yellow flowers got no color.

 For the "boiled wool", it's bold and strong.   The dark shades are due to overlap rolling. 

Here are the silk fabrics mirror prints, the middle one is the "boiled wool" .
Alright I can make bigger prints after the positive testing of the pines.

I cut a piece of "boiled wool" size 26" x 50".
The "Before and After" picture.  
I put some pines, scattered a little bits of euc silver dollar to make some red spots, a few cypress and that unknown leaves.
Close up of the "Before and After"

Cypress is clear on wool, that's to my surprise.  I tried before on silk it's not so delicate.

Cypress is my another fav now

After an hour boiling in clear water, the wool came out perfect prints.

Mogi approves it.

So just a few pine leaves, a few green leaves and bits of euc silver dollar, I made a fabric of my own pattern. Be it a skirt or a wrap, it's my style. 

For the test on the silk, I sewed a tote bag with my own made ceramic as closer embellishment.

I'm happy for the leisure time of doing all sorts of experiment, cherish the time with my mother strolling along the river bank, I showed her the kind of leaves may work for my botanical prints.  After the walk we have a cappu.

"How delighted mum is !!  Mum will show more her pine pattern fashion demo by her exclusive model after the long weekend."

"Have a nice long holiday !!!"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pine leaf prints & logwood dye 針松植物印染

These days I keen on experimenting pine leaf prints.  Haven't yet found Casaurina but only one or two local species work for me, thought the Horsetail Pine (馬尾松) is the best. The one I did on a silk fabric yesterday.
近日喜以 針松印染, 因為可以做到細緻線條.  這次以洋蘇木片一同做印染, 加點紫色,  簡約清新.
Intended to do it delicate, less is fine. I just put a little pine leaves with a little bits of euc silver dollar to make reddish spots.
Leaves layout as this
Diagonal two-folded
 I wanted some purple thus boiled in the cooker with logwood chips.
Unbundled after an hour
Before and after
"Mogi, do you approve it?"
No more no less,  just put in the middle of the fabric a little pines.......
with a little purple and tie marks
This is a 2-yd silk fabric of 52" w. 
May use as a wrap, a shawl, a scarf......

May be I would sew it to a dress, all depends. 
  Anyway this is an experiment of pine leaf prints.
I've a few bundles in the pot now, they're with different sorts of leaves and layout.  I'm sure they're "exceptional". Will show more next time.
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