Monday, October 20, 2014

ZZzzzzzzzz Mogi's dreaming a pretty lady.....貓咪夢境被著一身紅

 This is a dream from my cat Mogi.......
"Mum's tired of all those botanical prints.  She's done lots of experiments and lots of scraps in the stash.   This one printed with euc silver dollar is quite strong crimson for my wrap.......
貓咪  Mogi 被著一身我的植物印染,  說著夢話, 幻想著自己是紅豔女神, 舞動紅裙進出我在赤柱的工作室灘頭.......
"I'm comfy with the soft turmeric dyed silk bed sheet and dreaming I'm a pretty lady in red going to mum's studio in Stanley where I've never been visited.....

 "I'm in a gorgeous red nuno felt gown made with the euc silver dollar prints, I  walked to the waterfront in the morning.......
 "Then to the sand bay in a few minutes walk.......
 "Cool in a crispy fall...... listening to the echo of waves.......
 "I'm in a crimson style dress......
 "I find myself a super model.........

 "My front and back........ walking in the beach......
 "Back to mum's studio.... in the front of her painting......
                                               "Mum has lots of her own made mixed media dolls.    Among are a few but I'm the new one and the biggest she loves most.......

 "Oh well.......   woke up stretching .......  I found myself was only in a dream....... but I can sneak the making of the red lady......."
 The body was made with paverpol - textile hardener for sculpture making, (last post) then made a nuno felt dress to put on the body.
Formerly the dolls are made with ceramic, then paper clay, now the paverpol..... which can be bigger and bigger.  This red one is 1/4 size of a real human.   I sincerely thank to my friend Sharon G. who was so generous to show me the making while I was in Canada last Nov.  Making this sort of textile sculpture is interesting.   I like to modify the making by putting on my eco printed and nuno felted garment which has a soft and stylish movement.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Nuno felt simply multi-style shawl 百變羊毛混纖被肩

Last Sat I went to a wedding banquet. Such a great time for catching up with good mates.  My friend's knitted multi-style shawl inspired my creation.  She lent me the shawl and I made a nuno felt wearable based on the style with a bit change.   A one piece simply multi-style shawl - wrap - scarf - skirt wrap is made........
日前參加好友婚宴, 席間其中友人的針織被肩百變款式吸引我, 朋友建議我嘗試做, 我以羊毛混纖技巧加小許變化做了這款多變被搭款式的被肩, 亦可作外套或裙子穿著.

The top pic is a black knitted shawl my friend lent me for ref.
The other pic is the silk chiffon I made with eco print (rust and leaves) used for this nuno felt base.

I  made the neck (collar) a little cobweb look
After laying merino wool, mulberry silk and some blend silk & wool over the chiffon, then some hundreds back & forth rolling.....
I made this black/grey nuno felt shawl.
A basic shawl with seamless short sleeves and long draping that makes it reversible multi-style wearable art

                                                       A wrap

                                                                         A shawl in different styles

A reversible outfit, one side of merino wool, the other side of earthy eco prints

A little lustre of mulberry silk

                                                               Tied with a nuno felt flower brooch make it a skirt wrap

                                                 Be it a shawl, a wrap, a skirt, an outfit........ a wearable art piece........
Light and floating in the air.  
Sometimes friends catching up really a good inspiration for the making.  
Thank you Ada and Lisa for the brilliant idea.

Monday, October 6, 2014

"Worry Doll" - worry free purse 忘憂娃娃手袋

My another creation of mixed media purse of story. 
 A wool felt bag made with wet felt process, enhanced with botanical imprints, a small piece of hemp with embroidery and stitches outlines of leaves.
一個多媒體創作的手袋 - 結合羊毛濕氈, 植物印染與刺繡技巧的製作. 
完成這件手袋很花時但也很享受創作的過程. 手袋刺繡面是 "忘憂娃娃" , 另一面是 "山坡上的柏樹"
The purse making took some days to finish.  I enjoyed every step of my creation.

I used Finn and Icelandic wool fleece to make the the purse. Intentionally to leave the space to insert my hemp embroidery
Tried the space for my hand embroidery of hemp.  It fits well.
Then placed the assorted leaves on both sides.  The theme still the Tuscany landscape.  A few casaurina,  rose leaves and eucalyptus.
Bundle boiled for 1.5 hours in turmeric  pot
To bring out the clear outlines I further stitched along the khaki leaves.
The embroidery hemp is my imaginary picture of "Worry Doll & Sheep" - a boy and a girl with two sheep in the field.
Handles with botanical imprints
Cotton lining with two pockets
Both sides of different images
The hemp embroidery of "Worry Doll" I meant it as "worry free" - a person who cannot sleep can express the worries to the dolls.
A purse  for whatever purposes.
Linking with FromDreamToReality Party.
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