Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Eco printed leather purse making 植物印染皮包包

This botanical printed leather purse with gerbra and wild flowers is one of my favorites.  It's simple and light. Either be a shoulder or waist purse. 
 The video shows a little of leather prints making
I used just a small piece of sheep leather cut from a big piece as I find smaller scraps are more easy to handle and I can do more experiments with different sizes.
 The purse is of three parts with a flap, front and back. 
After all pieces cut I started machine sewing.
  People asked me to share the making but I am no good in measurement and always do the simple cutting then sewed.  As for purse with zipper I usually started sewing zipper first similar like this.
After the main parts assembled, put on strap and ready to use.....
A printed leather purse with botanical prints in and out even the strap of own made.
A light shoulder purse
 With my hands free I'm strolling leisurely in town. 
I can't recall how many pieces of leather prints I've made into purses since I like to do experiments for my tutorial writing. My way of leather prints is simple yet fabulous.  You may like to browse the instant download pdf tutorial on my on line shop.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Botanical prints on leather 皮革植物印染

Here are some more botanical imprints on leather and I made into purses.
The delicate prints on leather with the plants I got on biking or from friends. Just like to do leather prints with only a few seasonal plants that are easily get.
 The most common for the yellow prints is passion fruit leaf and casaurina printed like embossed.

The day I was biking in the lane lined with casaurina....

....and the house next to my rural studio were passion fruit on the fence.  The dog knew I wanted to do experiments only with the leaves.  He's not barking.

Apart from passion fruit leaf I like to do prints with Chinese Hibiscus, Lagerstroemia speciosa, Lemmon marigold, willow and some small unknown species. They work  well for my simple leather prints.
Shades of yellow and blue ..... unwrapping is always so exciting....
Video of "opening present"
A few leather purses made with the sample prints.  I always do small pieces of leather prints so that the purses made with the swatches are palm size and so soft.
I hope to show the prints just as reference and get inspired. 
 Photos speak themselves.........

Photos of "Before & After" is my good reference

This is the most recent one made with prints and dyes.  Just like pink from cochinael. 
My handy reference of instant download pdf Botanical Imprints on Leather tutorial
 Available on my ETSY tutorial.  If you're interested you may like to click here.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Botanical imprinted leather purses 植物印染皮包包

Proud to show more of the recent experiments of botanical imprinted leather purses. Even my fluffy Mogi appreciates it.

This is one of the “before & After”.  2019 is drawing to end. Wish you another fabulous year filled with happiness.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Eco prints master inspiration 遠道而來的植物印染啟發

A bag full of plants and inspiration as well friendship from master Irit Dulman who stopped over Hong Kong early this month after workshops in Australia. Irit is my most respectful master whom we know for years.  Her visit just in good time of the year in term of weather and season of plants.  Though only a few days stay we spent some time in rural and urban.  While we're in suburb she spotted some weeds which I didn't take note even found on the slope of my urban apartment.  She has marvelous expertise in botanical printing. We got some weeds and played around on fabrics and leather.  She taught me more ideas of eco printing and done a few experiments.  It's fun to discover in our region those plants I almost ignored give such pretty prints.  Now my mind opened and tried to work more with the weeds.  Good combination on different fabrics or leather with appropriate mordant. 
我的以色列啟蒙大師 Irit Dulman 最近來港,我們相聚之餘,一起硏究天然植物印染,她慧眼在郊野發
Our first stop in the village water front
Up to the hill for a close look of China boundary.  The high rises are in China while the agricultural lands are Hong Kong part.
We spared sometime to do experiment with Mogi around.
on fabrics
then leather
The weeds wonderful prints on leather and silk.....

Layout and outcome


Even the tiny flowers of the weeds printed so delicate. 
A piece of leather prints made into a purse.
Other printed panels I sewed into small tote bags.  Just like the fine prints on rayon.

With Irit's generous hints I printed other silk panels with shades.

Irit's discovery of weeds, one of it is this pretty Pennisetum I found growing in the ditches while doing biking.
Can't resist the experiment, such strong prints and discharge of leaves on rayon, linen and silk with different mordant.

Pennisetum is one of my fav. weed.  I like the shape. It prints unique on leather too.

Glad to know it and found it.

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