Saturday, January 13, 2018

Making of reversible natural printed vest 雙面穿著植物印染背心製作

 This is a reversible vest with double prints. I intended to make it to wear "in and out" as well "front and back".  The tone is a bit rustic so I made shots against the abandoned village house while I was doing biking there.
這背心面料祗用了鐵媒染,內層𢇁料以Irit Dulman技巧印染做出兩層不一樣的效果。

 Basically the fabric of raw silk is iron mordant but not the leaves of eucalyptus and Grevillea Robusta (銀華)
While the other side is georgette silk printed with various leaves with technique from Irit Dulman.

 The front is of two panels and one at the back,  both inside and outside.
 I am lazy and just cut and sewed by vision.  I don't have to measure for anyone  I just wanted to make use of the panels I previous made.
 This is a medium size.  After fitting I found the shoulders are too wide and "straight".  Thus I folded a bit inward.  After all the pieces are sewed I fixed the buttons.

 Final touch with my label
 The look of in and out.
 A reversible long vest is made..........


It can be wore "in and out" as well "front and back".


 A side pocket is added

The making of this vest is easy and the prints of this side of raw silk is only fabric mordant in iron solution.  The different tone of the same eucalyptus (dark & red) is only the darker piece soaked in stronger iron water.
I have instant download pdf tutorial, this is one of prints mentioned.  Interested parties may like to view here in my ETSY
For the prints of the silk side as it's the technique I just learnt from brilliant Irit Dulman, I'm not going into details yet.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Another nature inspired fibre creation 又一大自然之纖維創作

 To prepare next fun play with friends for the natural printing, I need to pick some leaves today while doing biking in NT West.  Nam Sang Wai is the  area I can get variety of eucalyptus especially the ones with buds.
The rustic scenery attracts bird-watches, cyclists and city-dwellers.
The glistening fish ponds with tall reeds are such picturesque for photographers.

 Nam Sang Wai is crisscrossed by the Kam Tin River and Shan Pui River.
The sandbar at the intersection of the rivers is good for migratory birds.
In the further we can see the Hong Kong high rises.

Next to it is the well developed zone Shenzhen, China.
 It's a leisure ride along the scenic tree-lined path with River Red Gum trees.
Found some wind blown eucalyptus with buds.  
 What a good find on biking !
 Not only eucalyptus I got, also the tiger orchid found on the cycling path.
My outing today was for biking and shooting.  Before heading home with "good finds", I used the tiger orchid as hanger for the shots of my just finished natural printed reversible vest.
Found the abandoned old house on the way.  Just like the rustic brick walls go well with my  wearable art.

Detailed prints and making of the reversible vest and the nuno felt scarf followed on my next blog.
Back home I immediately tried the leaves on wool blend.

Almost two hours boiling unbundled with anticipation.  It works.

Mogi appreciates it as well. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Nature inspired creation 大自然之創作

I always said my creations are inspired by nature.  Yes this piece just done after my first  2018 hiking.
  好友們知我創作源自大自然的戶外活動,單車騎行及遠足有志同道合者更是樂趣,元旦日單車環香港島展開2018年的遊山玩水,隨之周五的第一個遠足走上梧桐寨,在山溪瀑布間見蔟蔟野生馬藍,告知友人此乃藍靛染的藍草,年前法國大師Michel Garcia在港示範 (這當日網誌) ,我幸得一株馬藍苗在家種植至今。行畢大帽山,回家馬上再作這植物印及加點羊毛做了此輕巧圍巾。等著圍巾主人啊⋯⋯
Friends know me well that biking and hiking are my favourite sports.  With two wheels and legs in our nature I get inspired for my fibre creations.  On the New Year day I joined a  biking team for island ride winding up the twist road with traffic.  we started in the Central Pier along the harbor to the east then to the beach in south.  Almost a day riding with the team was fantastic and challenging.

We stopped in Stanley for lunch and spent an hour in the area.  In the far end of the picture is where my studio located.  This is the place I know well.
The Stanley market is a must for foreign visitors.  We have a colorful day there.
The first Friday of 2018 our hiking team started the trail Ng Tung Chai (梧桐寨) from Taipo up to the mountain Tai Mo Shan.
 The trail starts a long, steep and narrow sylvan path uphill. Tough yet not too hard for our energetic team.
The trail is rough with steps up to the mountain and we passing through a few waterfalls and streams.

Along our way I found some strobilantes (馬藍).  I told my friends that's the plant for indigo and the leaves print well too. This kind of indigo plant is typical in Hong Kong particularly in that part of our region.  A few years ago when Michel Garcia was in Hong Kong for the workshop demo (last post) I was lucky to join and got the plant growing in my yard now.

We walked up in the mid of Tai Mo Shan for a panaromic view of Taipo villages and ended with a nice view of the waterfalls in the start of 2018.

My creation in the new year was printing with strobilantes then felting for a piece of scarf. I put a few leaves of strobilantes and eucalyptus for shades of red and purple.  For some like-minded friends I've shown them how to make the purple prints from frozen strobilantes.  Any one who likes to know I am happy send you the PDF file.
I wanted to make a bit textures so merino woo; and raw fleece are added on both ends.
A chiffon scarf is made.
 My 2018 creation just started and many more to come........

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