Thursday, January 14, 2021

Biking and inspired creation 寓騎行於創作

Year 2021 is challenging.  Blessed still can play plants magic and biking inspired creation. January has started pretty good with private tutelage with designers and artist friends.  


Fabric used was silk and silk linen blend that's simple mordant can make impressive prints. We used natural dyes cochinael, lac and logwood for the background shades. Students made the prints with assorted leaves and flowers. Layout and outcome are different and unique.
Opening bundles is exciting.  Mind that printouts are not always as anticipated.  However we appreciate whatever mother nature gives.

Ferns, flowers, leaves......bounty from nature.

We chatted and discussed how interesting botanical contact printing was.  Below is part of the prints mainly with ferns, lemon marigolds, onion skins, hibiscus, eucalyptus, guava, casaurina, cosmos etc.  With their aesthetic visual of layout they made the difference.


Video of students prints making.
Biking is my fav sport and creation inspired. Whenever I do biking I have handful plants home from my studio neigbours or farmland. 
Our stunning scenery changes by season. Fish ponds dried cracks made nice pattern.
 We went to the wetlands fish ponds for birds watching.
Peaceful view of grazing goats by the pond.
Mural of Chinese painting of farmers old days.
Shrine with blooming plum blossoms, such tranquil view of the village.  That also implies lunar new year is around the corner.
Cool in winter and the willows are getting yellow.  How nice to ride with team mate and share same passion of botanical imprints.
 Sometimes when I pass by this dainty garden I'd say hi to the owner WY who's so friendly. We may have a chat under her passion fruit tree shelter and have tea.
Or sometimes when we stop over a farm the keeper allows us to pick some leaves.
That day with lots pretty finds we're home and I immediately done experiments.
Mogi's curiosity keeps me alert. Fortunately sounds that wouldn't make him interest.
For this experiment is own made sappan wood chips dye for red/purple shades.  I just soaked the chips overnight then bring to boil and stay in pot till I want to use.
An hour boiling of bundle is fine, theme of fern and willow.
Ferns are good combination
Passion fruit leaves with dyes of sappan wood and fabric mordant in alum that brings yellow reddish.
Tone of purple and pink from cochineal, lac and sappan wood.

Mogi like it I am sure.
A few samples of reddish purple of silk linen. 
I like such fabric. Touch and printing are more pretty in real.   I need to replenish more and showed the owner what I want. The stall owner knows my favour.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Bright botanical imprints workshop 金黃耀目植物印染工作坊

 Year 2020 is closing and it's my last fibre art workshop. What's best to show off what I am doing is wearing something of my own creation.  The eco printed face mask and nuno felted scarf are my daily wearable must. 
The name of the studio is "Gaap Jyut Bing" something looks like ABC.  Simple and easy to remember.  This is where the workshop took place.
Display and entrance are kind of reminiscence. 
今日是年終最後一堂的植物印染教學,工作室名字「甲乙丙」予人親切易記如 ABC、123,門面懷舊擺設,內裏寬敞裝潢別緻,學員半天笑談弄枝葉,製作了獨特鋪陳的純絲圍巾。

A group of four included pairs of parent-kid made the eco printed scarfs in four hours in the spacious studio.
 This is a special workshop for the group of whom I knew in the biking team.
Year 2020 is a difficult year since COVID-19 outbreak and almost all activities called off. Schools have to close for zoom teaching and many people have to work from home. A few family members joined my regular biking team and we're getting quite well with the kids since early this year.  One of the team members, KC is the owner of the studio and invited me to offer a session of eco printing workshop.

A bunch of flowers from my rural neighbour after riding and that's what I usually gathered after biking.
Video of the fun played in the studio.
It's parent-kid interaction, kids are very imaginative and talented.
 Less is more.
 After layout on the fabric and bundled boiling for 1.5 hours.
Here came the outcome.
Looks like a flying bird.
Yellow from onion skins and leaves of lemon marigold as well ferns.
Just stokes of casaurina and lemon marigold flowers.
Simple and clear.

Prints of both sides of leaves.
Onion skins printout looks like a flying pigeon.

Printout of leaves tended yellowish as silk fabric mordant in alum.
The rich golden yellowish looks like autumn windfalls.
 A piece of rich printout with ferns, onion skins, assorted eucalyptus, passion fruit leaves, casaurina and rose leaves.


Each group find their unique printings.

Thanks for the studio host Florence's yummy Earl grey tea chiffon cake.
Me and Mogi loving it.

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