Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pine leaf prints & logwood dye 針松植物印染

These days I keen on experimenting pine leaf prints.  Haven't yet found Casaurina but only one or two local species work for me, thought the Horsetail Pine (馬尾松) is the best. The one I did on a silk fabric yesterday.
近日喜以 針松印染, 因為可以做到細緻線條.  這次以洋蘇木片一同做印染, 加點紫色,  簡約清新.
Intended to do it delicate, less is fine. I just put a little pine leaves with a little bits of euc silver dollar to make reddish spots.
Leaves layout as this
Diagonal two-folded
 I wanted some purple thus boiled in the cooker with logwood chips.
Unbundled after an hour
Before and after
"Mogi, do you approve it?"
No more no less,  just put in the middle of the fabric a little pines.......
with a little purple and tie marks
This is a 2-yd silk fabric of 52" w. 
May use as a wrap, a shawl, a scarf......

May be I would sew it to a dress, all depends. 
  Anyway this is an experiment of pine leaf prints.
I've a few bundles in the pot now, they're with different sorts of leaves and layout.  I'm sure they're "exceptional". Will show more next time.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New prints after Israel 以色列學的針松印染

From the workshop in Israel, I learnt from Irit Dulman  the prints of pine - Casuarina.  Yesterday I went to the area near my studio to source the pine.  To my surprise there're a few.  I picked a little and tried on a silk fabric. Here's the one just done.

I'm not sure if this is the sort of Casuarina.  No harm to do experiment with it.

I laid a few different plants - euc, rose leaves, camomile and other unknown.  I put on half  the fabric and folded. 

After 1.5 hours boiling.  Camomile is bright, pine is not so but still clear .

Before and after for comparison

Just love the yellow prints, golden yellow.

The two-fold come out funny

Try your imagination........

 Simple prints tested.  Another scarf for the light summer breeze.
Thought the iron mordant for the pine is not enough.

Another silk fabric I printed with pine is darker. So that's the difference of mordant.  Will show more after the fabric turned into a wearable.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Days in the north of Israel 以色列北行

After almost 10 days in Tel Aviv for the workshops and sight seeing, I went with my local friend Rachel to the north to visit her son. Before going there Rachel prepared some gifts for her grand kids a knitted vest, a botanical printed vest and also a wool head band with prints for her daughter in law. All those handmade things show a grandmother's love.
完成特拉維夫交流工作坊, 與當地友人Rachel一起乘火車北上Galilee探望她的兒子一家, 行前一晩她為孫子女做了件植物印染羊毛及毛織背心,為媳婦做了一片植物印染頭巾, 盡顯其愛護之情。兒子本住在大城市,因喜愛山居簡約大自然生活, 毅然遷上山上起居蒙古包中為教育村中孩子們與大自然共融的生活,他的天真爛漫的孩子赤腳仔隨山跑,與嫲嫲拨洋蔥, 甲蟲飛上手指細意觀看動靜,可見孩子們多愛大自然,。
與Rachel 一家道別後,我與居在 Tivon 的Pnina 會合在她風光如畫的山上村莊留宿, Pnina 是我此行到特拉維夫植物印染學生之一, 她盛情的邀請我探訪她家並請我留下,因此我改了機票回港,有幸她帶我往Haifa及她居住的小鎭,給我一個愉快的逗留。以色列正是春天, 漫山遍野黃花,孩子們樂在其中,好一幅童真畫!

Rachel's son family living in a yurt in the village Klil in Galilee. A simple life in the stunning nature.

Our train arrived in the morning, received by his son then we done some shopping in a provision store.
They yurt is on the mountain surrounded by stunning nature.
Happy running hens..
Grandma and grand kid Meyo picking onion
Grand kid showing grandma the garden
Sweet little beatle moving on the little hand
Watching the beatle movement. 
The family lives far from town Rachel goes there once in a while. I took my travel with them and felt there happiness.
Grandson Meyo is 3
Granddaughter Tanri is 1.5
Rachel made the wool vest with leaves prints of eucalyptus, I helped to stitch around the edges. Intended to give it to the boy but found a bit small. No problem, keep it for the girl. The little natural printed handmade vest is so sweet.

While the natural printed wool headband is so fit to the country wife of his son. 
See how my leisure moment in the shade !
After the family visit in the yurt, we went to a forest for a walk. Meyo loves nature and picked some wood. Father helped to tie all together.

Father and son walking happily in the wood.
We rest for a break
The day visit ended with fabulous Arabian meal in a nice restaurant.
I forwarded my trip with the warmly stay in Pnina's house in Tivon. Pnina is one of the students of Irit Dulman's we met this time in Israel. She's very nice to invite me to stay in her house for another couple of days.  She lives in the mountain with beautiful views. That's why I changed my flight home and stay a few more days in Israel.
We walked in the little town with hundred years built houses. Lined with cafe and shops.

Such a leisure walk
Cat with a cat in the door of a painting gallery
We visited a paper making gallery.  
Fibre meet fibre.   What's that mean? I'd say paper is made with natural plant fibre, my coat is made with wool fibre. Looks a bit same tone. 
After the little town walk, we back home passed by a field to pick some flowers.
So so so sweet to see the naive girls......
.....the shy little boy holding a dog.
In the evening Pnina drove me to Haifa, the third largest city of Israel.
The Bahai terraced gardens
Though visit time closed, it's great to have a close view
The night view is so beautiful

We went up to have the aerial view of Haifa 
So glad to have seen such beautiful places. It's bonus to my travels in Israel .
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