Sunday, January 20, 2019

Playing natural prints and dyes 天然植物印與染

"Raise the curtain see what am I up to......"

Formerly I dont' know how to set indigo vat and not really like to do indigo. My friend Nicola Brown gave me an indigo kit on her visit two years ago. I kept it till last month Debbie Leung helped me setting the vat and I started playing it.  
 In the recent days I burned the wax melt, a set of wax aroma Lilian Lui gave me as Christmas present. I was so relaxed in the aroma ambiance and it hit my mind to do something with the melting wax.
 I recalled last year the wax indigo workshop in Hangzhou Edith Cheung, textiles specialist invited me to attend.
  I painted roughly the nandina sketch on linen.
Dipped in the indigo bath.
 Pale in the first dip
After 3 dips it's getting blue.
 Then boiled hot water and put the dyed piece to have the wax melted.
 Started to sew a purse with the fabric.
A clutch is made.
 A few compartments for cosmetics.  
Be it a cosmetic bag or a clutch.  
I'm happy with the outcome and going to give this pouch to Lilian Lui who gave me the wax present and a friend I respect. These days apart from doing experiments of natural prints/dyes I am indulged in making the swatches into pouches.

This is wool flannel printed with leaves in Israel.

The pouch of dark background printed with nandina with Betty in Israel always recalls my good days with her.
 Just love the white discharge of nandina on the mordant cochineal dyed fabric.
 I've already made two pouches with this panel prints.  Love the black which I don't like before.
I got leather of lamb skin at good price. Find it no harm to try botanical printing.  I printed with my own grown strobilanthes and eucalyptus from florist.  Prints are bold and clear but leather became a bit hard after heating.  I know it's not the proper way of printing leather as fabric but I just tried.  Will figure out the correct procedure of printing.

 Made a palm sized purse out of the printed leather.  Good for keeping USBs or keys.
Another fabric printed with flowers bouquet from my sister's son wedding. This set I am going to give to my sister.
This is also leather printed with flower from my studio neighbor.
And this is a clutch of leather prints with maple and eucalyptus.  So far I have made three purses of lamb skin.  They're not perfect but quite interesting to do with botanical prints.
I don't remember how many pouches made with swatches I have done.   Each is unique and one of a kind.  Like to give to friends who appreciate my work.  

Monday, December 31, 2018

Wrapped up 2018 with my own dress 總結2018創作

My nephew is getting married on 30 Dec and I made own dress for the banquet to wrap up my creation of 2018
  This is what I designed when I was in Israel two months ago attending Irit Dulman's natural prints workshop in her country.  I picked some leaves in the vineyard and laid out the pattern.  I made the prints on my logwood dyed silk.
The video shows the prints from scratch to a garment finished.
I first dyed in logwood with appropriate mordant according to Irit's instruction.  Then laid the leaves mainly of nandina, melia, quisqualis indica and vine leaves.
All leaves printed so nice.

I'm quite pleased with all the fabrics in the workshop, not only silk but bamboo, viscose, wool and cotton are very strong and bold.
Nandina and quisqualis indica are just amazing

Melia is also good
A fruitful workshop with shades of purple.
When I back Hong Kong I took the fabric to have custom made cheongsam by professional tailor (Customize Tailor Culture Collection 紫羅坊 ).  Polly Po is so nice to make it in my short notice and it fits perfect. I asked my daughter to model it with my nuno felt shawl.  Here comes the images........

Polly is very efficient and professional in designing chinoiserie garment.
I'm glad to have this one-of-a-kind chenogsam with my own surface design.  What's more is the pattern so that I can make a few with my eco printed fabrics.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Creation with loved ones around 總有你伴著

"Hey, how's going? Is it a sunny day?"
"Yup, close my eyes enjoying sunshine now."
 These two cats have never met, one is in the north while the other is in the south.  But I meet them and stroke them often.   Long hair Mogi is mine. The black&white is my studio neighbour's cat.  I adore both very much and found they're around my creations.
The prints from yellow flowers given by my studio's neighbour.  How can I not thinking of my good neighbours while doing creation.
That day I went solo biking passing the path in a village......

in the north of our region with undulating mountain.
Found the vinegrape and picked a few leaves for printing

Up to the mountain with herd of cows greeting

This is our stunning nature
Can you imagine Hong Kong - a facinating financial centre of high rises but just half an hour away we're into rural scenery with wild nature.
After the ride I back to the studio passing by my neighbour Ms F.  She's so nice to give me vegetables and the flowers for my experiments.
"Mum has good finds again.  Aroma of lemmon marigold is tempting."
This is video of the biking in our beautiful area

The other day I was in the north, next day I was in the south hiking with my team up to a mountain.

It's a cool day but not sunny.  Not too strenuous walking up and down the 1000+ steps.
In the middle looking back is Stanley where my studio was formerly there.  Now I rent out and moved to the north.  The seasonal flowers of camellia granthamiana are blooming.
We walked up and down along cement steps, then rocky path......
Can you see the flowers and the trail?  It's challenging but we can make it as we do almost every Friday hiking.

Lots of fallen flowers on the path..... in the stream....
How can I resist not picking some on the ground?
Friends asked what I am doing with the rubbish.  I said I make prints with the treasure.
Hiking in our mountains is interesting, sometimes with the well maintained bridges.
These two bridges in the reservoirs were built in the era of British colony

I'm home this weekend.
Mogi found it strange with empty floor.  Rare for me?

Creation is part of my life. Never ending and just done with the finds.
Prints of vine leaves, camellia, oxalis, nandina, lemmon marigold........

With proper mordant the fabric of silk and viscose printed so well.
In preparation for the upcoming workshop in NGO, I've to test the fabric they got from donor.  I don't know what the fabrics are but sure not synthetic.  After mordant I tested it with simple plants.  It works.

Yellow prints from tithonia and onion skins. 
Opening is always surprising, either pleased or disappointed.
Black&white, I don't know your name.  You're in my rural studio, so tame.
Will see you soon.
My home cat Mogi. He's always around me - my "work-centric".
Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you enjoy our scenery and my work.
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