Saturday, October 3, 2015

Unforgettable days in Israel 以色列燦爛假期

Days in Israel continued in the north part. It's the week long Sukkot holiday, to avoid traffic my artist host Betty and I took the early train to The Old City of Akko. The city is 2-hour train ride from Tel Aviv. It's recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Crusaders captured the city and the Ottomans lived here for centuries. We passed through the fascinating history the legancy left behind by its conquerors. The El-Jazzar Mosque, the ruins, the fortresses, the alleyways, the port and the colourful Arabrian surroundings are so impressive.

The remains and the ruins

Passing the history of alleyways......

Wall decoration of old and new....

The fishing net

The port and the Arabrian fishmen

Invite to have a seat?

The herbs and spices
The Underground Prisoners Museum 

Nowadays the cafe lined alley

What a marvellous construction!
Walk and walk.......
Time to feed...

Back to host home.  Betty prepared the wonderful dinner with family. During this week long Jewish Sukkot holiday, it's the tradition for families to set up a Sukka, a hut outlook to have meal inside.

Betty's two adorable grandkids and the family 

Thank you, my artist hosts Betty and Irit who made my great stay in Israel.

I've a fantastic trip in the Mediterranean Sea from Cyprus to Israel. I love the sea, the skies, the air and the people.

Will be back home brimming with my full bag of wonderful makes

Left my foot prints.....

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Workshop of boots and bags making in Cyprus

My boots and bags making workshop in Cyprus completed perfectly. Can't believe the boots I could make with the soft wool from the very beginning to the end of a very firm and sturdy boots all from my hands. 

We used the wool batt with wet felt skills to make the boots.

The boots are with inner sole boxes to protect heels Then to glue and stitch the sole. Thus the pairs are very comfortable and durable.

We made in a spacious hotel, the final touch in a pleasant bar by the pool. We chatted, we laughed. All done, not only boots but bags to make it a unique set in four days.

I finished mine and was so eager to take it to the 5-min walk beach for shots in the early morning.

So proud I made a pair of boots and TWO bags! I just love the special way of making the bags and the textures all done in one piece with handle.

Other students' works are brilliant. They made the high boots, the bags with metal frame, chic and stylish.  See .....they're the high street boutique displays!

I'm very very delighted in the coming winter I can walk with my handmade boots.

At the moment I left my foot print in the Mediterranean Sea, the Limossol beach, Cyprus - the country I love......

Time to say goodbye to the wonderful ladies from Norway, South Africa, Luxembourg and myself from Hong Kong.  Without the brilliant teacher Natalya Brashovetska and organiser Dorie van Dijk I couldn't have made the beautiful boots and bags with such special technique.

Special thank you to Natalya - my host, my teacher and my friend now. I have a great holiday and learning from her.

Holiday in the Mediteranean is going on..........Taking off from Cyprus and arrived in Israel.

Warmly received in my mentor Irit Dulman's house. She's a gorgeous artist I learnt from her the Eco printing and nuno felt before. 
Irit's works are amazing. I'm honoured we'll spend some time again in her house, with the sweet cat Lucas who can play music by hitting his metal bowl. Don't know how to post the video here but on my Facebook friends can view.

Lovely Lucas likes to rest on his favour chair, the match prints of colour tone!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mediterranean trip Cyprus

Arrived Cyprus in the early morning of a hot sunny day. Received by warm host Natalya whom I'll attend her professional boots and bag making organised by Dorie, Atelier Fibrefusing based in Holland.

Natalya and her husband were so kind to take me to see the town of Nicosia and village around.

We drove up the twist road to the Holy Monastery of Macheras

Strolled in the old town of Leffaka

Up at the town tower for the panorama view of Nicosia. The further part is under Turkish Occupation since 1974

My visit to the Museum of Cyprus. Some of the ancient finds are inspiration for my vessel wool felt !

After a couple of days with Natalya, Dorie arrived and we were all greeted, even the cats in the hotel where we will take the workshop received us.

Taking the time before the former start of workshop we enjoyed the Mediterranean atmosphere, having drinks, seafood lunch by the sea

Walked down the beach around our hotel

The workshop taking place in this hotel only a few minutes away from the sea side. In the coming days I will spend some more time around.

"Can you see me?"  Lots of cats on the island. Loving them!

These beautiful boots are not shop display! They are the samples of our workshop! The setting is ready and thrilled to start making. 

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