Friday, October 19, 2018

Taiwan natural printing interaction get inspired台灣 植物印染交流

I was away for a week in Taiwan for the interaction with artist friends Mary and Meg. We tried lots of the local plants and I got inspired with one of the flowers - the flame Gold-rain (flamegold).  I got home with plate full ideas and done some prints with my local source. Sounds Mogi approves......
Prints of my own grown Indigofera tinctoria

Combination with climbing plants, eucalyptus and flamegold pods.
 The pods of flamegold printed with iron and tannin ave different looks.
 Mirror prints of the layout
I was so pleased my friend Mary invited me to have a private teaching of natural prints together with Meg.  Three of us spent the whole week together for printing experiments.  We have done not only fabric prints, but also paper prints, indigo dye, hiking and biking.  My week was fabulous just started from landing in Taichung........
From my area Hong Kong to Taichung is only 1.5 hours flight
Mary is a brilliant artist/ musician/ textile lecturer.  Her house is very artistic with cozy ambiance.  I just love all those beautiful vats and got inspired for my creation.

Impressive  blooming of Flame Gold-rain flowers

 Just outside the studio was greenery of paddies
Three of us in a leisure mood for creation.  Below are the first batch of prints with purple grey background.

 We used mostly the cellulose fabrics. The first outcome was quite good.

I done some testing of dyes and prints with the round vat inspiration
 These two are my favourite outcome

 After the purple grey background we tried the brown one with other mordant technique

 The last one is prints with clear background

I personally like the outcome of Flame Gold-rain pods.  That's what I wanted to do some when I got home.  The prints on handmade papers are interesting. 
I have the opportunity to view Mary's installation nearby and Meg's decorative painting in town.

 A morning hiking with friends was pleasant in autumn with fruits ripening 
Bright color of persimmon is awesome

 Our way along the paddy called "forget the worries" was truly peaceful
 Biking was short due to rain but already a good experience
 Safe back and anticipating to do more in the next visit
Last day,  a glimse of a decent shop of jewellery owned by Mary's friend.
The decoration of the dried "Flamegold" pods was so beautiful
 Last moment in Mary's house with a play to say goodbye.
Thank you for Mary's invitation and Meg's particiation we trios have a great week of get together. Also thank you so much for the many gifts Mary and Meg gave me.  I treasure and use them wisely.
One of the gifts was the handmade soap Mary made.  I sewed the little pouch with my naturel printed scraps as gift set that can be used as rubbing.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Recent creations in the fall 秋日之創作

It's October we're into fall, my corner looks crisp to show the works.....
Recently I did some experiments with different mordants.
This is what I just done.......

Mirror prints on pre-mordant shawl/scarf with alum recipe from Betty Eilat.  Techniques from Irit Dulman. The main effect I wanted to get is the discharge outcome of oxalis on dark background.
I use windfalls from walk behind and some own grown as well the grocery waste of onion skins.  
Two weeks ago we embraced the most intense storm in Hong Kong. During the week I was making a few custom order of scarfs and baby wear.

The first one with assorted plants on silk, eucalyptus mordant in alum thus has the golden yellow prints.

Onion skins with alum mordant.  I love the shades from brown, orange to yellow.
Lagerstroemia speciosa is always my fav seasonal flowers

Prints of different plants, a shade for Mogi, even the stand covered with prints of oxalis discharge.

Prints of different tones of scarfs
The baby wear is nuno felted reversible cape and vest for the client's twins of two years old boy and girl.

The cape was originally a round tube width silk jersey of print test.  I used to wear as cowl neck scarf.  Just good to make the size of a baby cape for the girl.
When all is ready I made the packing with own printed paper
All done - four pieces of scarf and two pieces of baby wear, packed individually for one client.

Mogi looks boring.  Yes it's blowing outside as we've the intense storm hitting. He can't go out neither can I.   I sewed a few tunics with simple cutting.
Tunic dyed in indigo and tumeric then printed with plants and concentrated natural dyes.
The left is cotton jersey mordant in alum while the right one is with more iron mordant and oxalis discharge.
What I have done during typoon day off is also this recycled vest my niece gave me. she found the rabbit fur wore out.  I replaced it with the prints I done in Holland,
Just love the duplicated (overlapped) prints on the fabric with shades
Cut the same size of the front then sewed it.
Finished looks like new one.
Renmants of the fabric made into a purse with lining of my husband's cut off jean.
A set of upcycled vest and purse.
Waste not want not.
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