Sunday, September 14, 2014

Goodbye Holland and my friends, home soon 荷蘭別了, 再見朋友

Goodbye painterly village. My last leg of Europe trip just ended and home soon. The poetry scenery and lovely friends as well the four-legged friends are ever in my memory.
My first evening arrived in the village Nes aan de Amstel where Dorie van Dijk lives is heavenly.  No wonder she's artistic.

Canal, church, bridge, pasture....... The typical flat land.

Honor to meet my admired artist Dorie van Dijk in her home for dinner
A morning walk along the road where my farm house B&B stands
This is the farm house I stayed surrounded by the green
The other side is the canal and driving way
A day out to Amsterdam to visit my other admired Italian artist Cristina Pacciana ( in her shop. We have a wonderful meet up and chat. She's so cheerful and lovely. 

Her wearable are gorgeous.
Canals in Amsterdam are beautiful through the "two-wheel"
Today, back to Amsterdam for the last glimpse and last catch up with ex-colleague Radhika who is now based in AMS.

Her spacious house in town facing the Diamond Museum 
Lunch by the canal before my departure in the evening
Last glimpse of the flowery country
Goodbye to the black&white - the goats, the cows and the cats.
The black&white gazing cows are the typical scenery around the villages
Always find the black&white cats are mystery pretty
This one in Holland may have the blood of the milk cows !!
Loading to airport, goodbye farm lady. Wish I could come again with my friends whoever would like the  country style travel. Home soon to see my fluffy boy and my family.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Goodbye England then Holland 再見英倫,踏上荷蘭

Back in England , the day I took a train ride to meet my friend in other county. The map of train and tube looks like cobweb but well connect. Arrived St Albans noon time. 
過去兩天悠閒的在英國小鎮漫遊及踏著小黃花徑眺望,今日飛往荷蘭- 花之國度。

Leisure walk as swans in Verulamium Park
Crossed the green Vinty Garden, followed the trail walk up and down the alleys. 
St Albans stands out as a unique English Cathedral City.  The colourful history of Roman remains and beautiful medieval architecture can be seen. The city's historic ambience provides a delightful setting.

We strolled along the peaceful English town, stopped a while for the fabulous waffle & coffee in the Waffle House
A beautiful day completed with a fabulous waffle & coffee with a lovely friend Eva showing me around.
My other day with high school mate Corrina for a trail walk in the reserved marsh along Thames River

England is into autumn but still on the trail plenty if little white and yellow daisy. Further is the end of Thames Rive

Days in England were leisure and pleasant catching ups with friends.
Thanks for my best school mate's hosting. I have a wonderful holiday in England. Today leaving for Holland, another county for cycling.......
Goodbye the black&white in England.
"You are beautiful!"
"Am I?"

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Goodbye Tuscany, Ciao Sarteano 別了意大利

My 9-day trip in Italy was brimming with fabulous food, stunning views and awesome friendship. The last day in the medieval hill top town ended today.
For Hong Kong people, Italy is renowned for shopping but the brilliant Tuscany scenery is my cup of tea.
My friends' medieval house located in the village is artistic
"Portoncello" is the name of the house, from there......
Early sunrise to start a day.......
Beautiful sunset to end the day 
That's life of living, tranquility and simplicity 
My last day of lunch ended with the typical Italian food in the balcony. My stay in my friend June's house was inspiring and fun, not only I can enjoy their style of living, I was delighted to share the common of interest. We worked together to experiment the fun of Eco printing and wool felting.
We tried the local leaves for Eco printing, some euc, some grapes, rose and oak leaves.
We shared the techniques of nuno felting
Prints and dyes on silk scarf 
Prints on paper
Mittens and warmer making and dyeing
Nuno felt shawl with textural surface.  June said that it looks like galaxy, planet. I said we name it "Universal".

June you're amazing and artistic. You made such beautiful items. I was so happy we shared the fun and creativity.

Thank you June and Dick, you made my stay in your house so memorable.
Your lovely Vespina was fanatic to warm my bed almost every night before me!
Today I'm leaving for England for another visits then to Holland for a couple of days to meet my admired artists.
Goodby my friends in Italy, Ciao !
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