Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Eco-printed multi-styled vest-wrap 植物印染背心

Two years ago a local designer SeeManHoo asked me to do a series of natural printed yardages for her fashion exhibition.  Here's that post   All those fabrics are cotton and linen with only basic mordant of soy milk. I also done a yardage of linen for my own.  It's been long kept in stash and just now I grasped to do a simple but multi-styled vest-wrap.  The linen with mirror prints of eucalyptus, rose leaves and casaurina was cut into two halves, I sewed together with the other ends upside down.  With other silk panels of printing swatches I sewed for the lining.  A piece of double-sided "primary" wearable is done. Sounds Mogi loves the silk side more ! 
What I'm going to do with it.........
兩年前應一位本港設計師何詩敏邀請製作棉麻布印染做時裝展覽, 這是該輯網誌, 自己也做了一片, 現在才與絲料印染實驗片縫合成一款多樣穿著衣物.

I hand stitched the button holes on both sides and fixed buttons as well on both shoulder ends.

Here it is......
The reversible vest,  left is linen surface and the right is printed silk
The side looks

Well, to loose the buttons simply a wrap of two-sided.

To fix the buttons freely on the other side, it's another style of wrap.

Just fold then another wrap.

This is a simple natural printed garment I sewed together with those
swatches. The linen with prints is only with soy milk mordant.  I made own soy milk with blender then soaked fabric overnight for the first time.  Another two soaking times in between a few hours. 
For the prints on silk with advance mordants learnt from brilliant Irit Dulman that I'm not going into details.
I have pdf instant download tutorial for natural botanical imprints available on my ETSY shop.  The tutorials cover mordants of soy milk, iron and alum on cotton, linen, wool and silk as well paper prints making.  Interested parties may find here the shop item link.
With the start of year 2018 Mogi and I wish you, my friend, blogger, follower a healthy and creative year !


  1. its beautiful and so multi purpose! Happy new year, good health, prosperity and happiness to you and your family! oh and of course, Mogi!!!

    1. Thank you Laurie. Wish you a healthy and prosperous year 2018 too.

  2. Mogi clearly has very good taste!

    Wishing you and your friends and family a happy, healthy, and creative 2018...


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