Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Simply life with simple natural prints 簡約生活●簡單植物印染


A simple life for me is simply to start a day with light breakfast....... toast on own made ceramic dish, brewed coffee and dried nuts.  What's more is with the brat in my front.
簡約生活 , 自作自受, 一口香濃咖啡, 兩片多士, 與貓兒共享.......細意品嚐.......我的天然植物印染.
幾乎每日每刻與我共存共享就是這些創作印染, 每一件不能重複, 那麼獨特, 這就是驅使我不停實驗研究的動力, 這裡有連結教材購買自學, 我以簡單材料圖文解說, 兩份教材從基本而至有層次色調可供選購.

 The wool flannel table runner printed with assorted leaves and plants in shades is the first tutorial I listed on ETSY.
After the many experiments I made the prints with iron carrier to bring out the shapes and shades.  As have to do a few samples for the workshop, I tried a few eucalyptus on the silk swatch.  Here are the samples done lately.

In the workshop we used only a few species of plants but the most effective for any prints is onion skins.  Even on cotton prints are impressive and bold. The images above are the mirror prints on silk and cotton of the onion skins.
With less or more of scattered onion skins, outcome is different.
The rich on the bottom with iron carrier made the shades.
Technique of making prints rich like this with appropriate mordant you can create unique fabric art.  Here's the link of my instant download pdf tutorial in ETSY.
To make a simple yet fabulous shades and shapes of natural prints you will find my basic pdf instant download tutorial in ETSY.  

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