Monday, September 18, 2017

Interaction ecoprints

The huge alpaca farm in Colbourne, Ontario where my friend Amy owns has 83 alpacas

Because of the same fanatic of fibre passion, I came all the way from Hong Kong to Ontario to meet Amy in her huge Alpaca farm to share and interact with people of my creation. I played felting with the fleece and eco printing.

The 83+ alpacas are so adorable, children like them we all love them.  The farm with almost 100 furry pets, big and small dogs as well cats. 
One of it the black magic Fat Tony plays the part as Mogi modelling my demo piece.

Yesterday was a very warm Sunday I demo the eco printing started with skills of bundling for the tie dyes and prints.
Like a green salad bar....maple, oak, sumac, walnut, smoke bush and euc for choice

They concentrated on placement with the big dog Phil resting by our side
Unwrapping is always exciting to see how it looks.....

After two hours boiling here comes the prints on the silk scarf.

This is prints of sumac and walnut on cotton I done for the local testing

As the first round done in the East Canada is well I'm anticipating to do the workshops in BC Vancouver this weekend.

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  1. How lovely - all at wonderful creativity, and new furry friends!


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