Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Heading to BC

Before flying to BC Vancouver I took a moment strolling along the driveway to view Lake Ontario and last glimpse of small town Brighton.
Stepping on the windfalls of red and yellow maples found it's already fall now.

Goodbye to my host Amy for the unforgettable stay in her huge Alpaca farm
The farm where I spent the interaction of eco printing is such a natural ambience

No mail today? But you still know where I am. I am fine in the wonderland........
Further in the Lake Ontario is USA. If it's a clear day we can see Buffalo.
A small town Brighton. When I see this bike I really want to ride.

Time to say goodbye to the farm, to my friends to the furry friends.

Sweet soul rubbing on my leg. how can I leave you?

Time to go...... thanks for Amy's hospitality for my warm stay in Ontario. Dinner ended with sumptuous lobster.

In the very early morning at 5:45am I left hotel for the Toronto airport heading to Vancouver then by a small flight to Comox Valley.
Heading to Comox port received by host Genoa then a short stay in her boat. We'Re in high spirit to soucucing leaves 

I will do some samples with these leaves then a formal workshop on the Friday.


  1. Wow you are so busy. I'm glad you are getting to see a fair bit of Canada during your visit. Enjoy!

    1. I'm Aires St in Comox Valley for the workshop preparation. Beautiful region, quite cold but stunning


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