Saturday, September 30, 2017

Chapter closed

Thank you to the wonderful ladies you made my chapter beautiful, you made my journey wonderful! You made my world colourful!
加拿大卑詩省的教學完滿結束,繽紛的衣料部分製作成衣飾,而我的美術小本也記載著連日學習及葉子樣品 - 一份紀念品。感謝主人家Norma 、Genoa及學生們使我有一個非凡教學旅程。
With Norma Janes and Genoa Daniel 's fantastic co-ordination and hospitality, my teaching in BC Vancouver, Comox Valley was marvellous. 

Students made fabulous eco-prints and nuno felted wearables. 

Eco prints from onion skins to flowers, from colour to shades....tricks and skills formed the fabric art and some even made into wearables .
My assignment closed with the good memories of the leaves prints. 
All these leaves yell colours or shapes
This handmade journal from Margo Duke marked my journey- bounty from nature Sept 2017.


  1. It looks like everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I hope you to enjoyed your visit. I'm glad to hear you were not as cold as time went by and that the sun visited you. xx

  2. A wonderful trip, so much shared, so much learned, so many new places seen!


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