Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Natural printed & dyed tunic making 全天然植物印染衣裳

Again to make use of the sample panels, I sewed this simple tunic dress with the strobilantes dyed cotton - sort of "slow fashion".
Plants from the area behind my apartment gathered mainly are sumac and bamboo and a little silver dollar eucalyptus from florist.
After an hour bundle boiling with the techniques learnt in Irit's workshop, I opened it with pleasure.
This piece of silk prints was idled in stash long.  Why not make something with it?  Yes, with my limit sewing skills I decided to turn it  into wearable. 
 The strobilantes got from Michel Garcia's workshop since 2012 (last post)  is growing so well in my yard.

I picked a few fresh strobilantes leaves from the pot and fermented for a few days for the grayish green dye of cotton. 
 With the helping hands of Mogi I finished it.......
The cotton dyed and sewed into a tunic
A tunic with gray tone from front to back of all natural botanical imprints and dyes from own grown strabilantes which is traditional for indigo vat.  Since I do not have much leaves to make indigo paste this is the simple way to color the pure white fabric to match the garment tone.

Though intended to make it a bit large, it may be tight for a friend overseas. I still sent it over as a making reference and hope it fits someone there.


  1. always enjoy seeing what you (anbd Mogi) are up to..I've never tried strobilanthes..I will check to see if we have it here!

    1. I tried other plants but forgot the name which is the family plants for indigo vat also works. Seems you've sort of in the garden you may try.


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