Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hunting on biking 騎行去拾花

These days I was hunting, hunting on riding then a quiet creation. 
The flowers prints on wool blend and silk are mainly Hibiscus tiliaceus ( 黃槿)
This silk scarf with a little pine needles and the heart-shaped eucalyptus from florist.
 The last two days I was riding with two teams in the east and north of Hong Kong. The north is boundary of China.

 The farm houses in Ma Tso Long village (馬草叢村), very typical over the pond.

  Along the road leading to the north are fish ponds and farm lands.  China Futian (福田), just a stone's throw away in the front is now developed.
 Quite a contrast of the tranquility and the area of China with high rises.
Not long ago this area though also belongs to Hong Kong was a closed village with permits entrance only.  Now it's open and we're free to ride or walk for a closer look to China.
 The day I biked in the east along Tolo Harbour from Tai Wan to Tai Po. 
 What a beautiful day with rolling clouds.
We're blessed in a region with undulating mountains and water as well many outlying islands.
On the way back Bonnie found some Hibiscus tiliaceus(黃槿) flowers on the ground.  I told her that I love to print with.   
She got a handful for my printing.
Composition of plants on tumeric dyed wool blend cotton. 
I placed only on one end then folded the other for the mirror prints.
After an hour boiling, opened with curiosity. 

 Mirror prints on upper and lower parts.

 Quite bold and clear of the bottom prints

Fingers crossed to cut the fabric into half to make two tops with prints .....
or let it be a one length long dress ?
Another layout on the silk scarf. Same only placed on one end and folded to cover with ther other.

I usually boil for such size of bundles for only an hour then open it.

Clean and clear prints but I need to dye the middle part in yellow.
I put a little onion skins and tumeric with diluted alum water to simmer 20 min. Dipped in that yellow solution with the middle part of scarf then washed it immediately, air dry and iron it.  

 So simply a soft pretty scarf is made in 2 hours.
 Bonnie,  thank you for riding with me.  This scarf is over to you for the keepsake of the ride.
This is the simple placement and effect of the botanical printing. 
I have pdf instant download tutorials in my ETSY


  1. Lovely lengths of cloth - and as you say, a lovely memento of the ride.

    1. Flowers are such wonderful natural prints on fabric, isn't it?

  2. Beautiful prints as always and it is very interesting to see the areas where you travel.

    1. I'm also impressed with our greenery and the areas I have never been.

  3. Always interesting, impressive and beautiful!

    1. I really enjoy my nature ventures and got inspired.


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