Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eco printing of flowers and blouse making 植物印染襯衣製作

                        Mogi approves the making of a blouse with natural prints.

 He always occupies any stuff.  Just after the composition of the panels.....
with his legs and flapping tail....... no worries I can make a blouse easily just sewing the panels.

 Lately I like to experiment with seasonal flowers.  Whatever I picked on the ground I tested it even the white flowers I tried to make the shapes.  So lots of panels made.

With appropriate mordant and natural extracts I done some prints. 

Don't just to keep in the stash but make something with the panels. 
In a few hours I sewed the loose blouse.

With the minimum cutting of neck hole and simple design, top with three double folded panels and down with back & front two panels.  Sewed both sides for the waist and folds on bottom then with draw string on one side and other end with a knot.

Voila..... a blouse is made with all sides look

A simple blouse is made without measurement.  I intended to make it a free size just want to find a Cinderella.


  1. You are creating some lovely patterns with the plant material there!

  2. I love seeing what you are doing, does Mogi!! I am starting again to learn next steps in sewing at my advanced age..and also like the idea of loose blouse...

    1. Ginny, you're artistic and talented in many aspects. Sewing wouldn't be a problem for you. I'm no good in measurement so doing loose garment is the easy way for me.


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