Monday, October 17, 2016

DIY eco print fabric purse 植物印染布藝袋子製作

 Fall is approaching. 
 I wanted to make a fabric purse with natural prints,  simple and light as well roomy.
秋色落葉紛飛沓至, 何不做一個秋意的布藝手袋, 自己的鋪陳製作, 簡約別緻.

After the panel boiled with leaves for 1.5 hours, opened it with all natural shades from yellow to orange to brown......
Ready to make a purse.......

 I folded the panel to cut two pieces and another two pieces of same size of cotton fabric for lining.

Sewed it, a purse of two different sides is made.

 It's a reversible purse with styles of "long & short".
 A roomy bottom

Reversible sides 

 I fixed wooden buttons inside the purse.  If I want a short style I just enclose with the loops and turn it over to make a box bottom.

            Two styles of short and long

 The purse making idea from DIY Tutorial Idea blogger,

while this fabulous natural prints instant download is from my ETSY (English version), (Russian Version)


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