Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Multi-style natural printed skirt and top 植物染服飾配搭

 Some of my natural printed fabrics among those beautiful ones we students learnt in Spain  workshop (Textiles con Alma by Irit Dulman and Revital Avidar) are now turned into wearable.

The light silk jersey printed with chestnut leaves is tube width.  Just sewed rubber band on waist line with cotton lining which also natural printed.  That's it. A simple skirt is made.

Simply a tube top tied with a logwood dyed scarf or a skirt goes with the same tone top printed with guava leaves.

 I also made a logwood dyed top with eucalyptus prints.
Simply a rustic Chinoiserie look.
 Front & Back of the skirt.  Just love the tube width silk jersey, easy to sew. That's the idea from Irit. 

 The Chinoiserie rustic top with hand weaved knots and lining all are natural dyed and printed. The image of deep purple is more the actual color.
The master, Irit Dulman's techniques are incredible. Just with all the natural resources can make the colorful shades. The wonderful skill of making darker background with bright prints is marvellous. That's why I'm so addicted in experiments and exploring. 


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