Friday, January 1, 2016

Delicate wrap up 2015 細緻總結 2015

 Time to wrap up my 2015. Facebook reminded me I've visited 7 countries and 11 cities in 2015.  Looking back the days abroad half was wool felting and half was natural-printing. For the natural-printing it's more challenging since outcome depends very much on plants used.  Fortunately every time was so impressive. 
Recently I got some floral leftover from flower arrangement, I did experiments with it.  I made two pieces to wrap up my 2015 with more delicate and vivid color.
 Here the plants used on wool are casaurina with cones (馬尾松), almost dried eucalyptus  silver dollar (桉樹), Grevillea Robusta (銀華), Limonium (彩星) and Brunia Nodiflora (青銀小足球)
 Placed the delicate layout
 Curious Mogi is always my good company

 Another one with casaurina, eucalyptus, Lagerstroemia Indica (紫薇) and Loropetalum Chinense (紅彩木)

                 After 1.5 hours bundle boiling the outcome is more khaki green to orange brownish due to iron mordant leaves

  Very strong imprints but not as expected with euc bright orange
This one placed with a few almost dried euc silver dollar and other leaves with iron mordant

 Outcome is vivid with bright as wanted

 The dark round ones with dots are from iron mordant casaurina cones

 I'm quite pleased with this one, vivid color and strong imprints

 The "before & after" of the two layouts

The longer and stronger casaurina are bold prints

Purple of Loropetalum Chinense 

2015 is closed with color and I wish 2016 will be fabulous !


  1. These are beautiful. Love your cat. I had a Himalayan Cat but I had to have here put to sleep last year and I do miss her.

    1. Cats are lovely things! Sorry for your Himalayan Cat has gone. Must be a pretty one. All her sweet memories forever in your mind.

  2. Lovely - always fascinating to see what happens with the designs you lay out.

    1. Thank you Rachel. Just can't resist the making and explore the beauty.

  3. Very beautiful work you did. I love the photo of Mogi watching you work with his paws on the table. It is so precious. I want to wish you a wonderful year in 2016.Happy New Year!!

  4. You're designs are so delicate. Do you premordant your fabric in anything before laying down your leaves and bundling?

    1. Thank you Tabitha, usually I don't do premordant for silk and wool fabrics. I just lay the wet plants over tap water dampened fabric.


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