Friday, November 27, 2015

Fun share indigo and natural prints 植物舆藍染

Days in Taiwan were fun filled. The day before we played indigo dye. How about to do dye and prints? Yes, we did the media combination. Botanical imprints from local plants are quite good particular with iron mordant. We're happy to unwrap the bundles. So strong and clear.

Prints on indigo dyed linen 

The before & after of the layout.
Prints on the cotton already framed. 

Three of us have the same passion of fibre and fabric, colours and prints.  Chances made us together to share the interest. 
The natural prints on fabric, framed already right from the dye pot. The techniques I shared were with iron and alum mordant with different tones.

 I'm pleased to play the combination with light indigo background.
Some local leaves in Taiwan are quite good results.

Today heading to Taipei for my teaching. Goodbye to Taichung and the lovely friends.

My warm student in Taipei already have everything prepared. 
Another experiment will be in the coming days. Expecting to show my skills.......


  1. Beautiful prints, love how your have laid out the arrangements, quite difficult to bundle I would think.

  2. I will try the combination indigo botanival print. LOVE the result.

    1. The combo is worth to try. I will do more and show. You enjoy it.

  3. Thank you Debbie. Not really difficult if it's a small swatch testing but big one does.

  4. These look beautiful . Can you tell me - did you dye the fabric with indigo and later over-dye with the leaves? What was the actual procedure?
    Thank you

  5. It sounds like great fun for all of you!


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